Is it bad?

That watching The Biggest Loser at the gym makes me feel skinny?  A lot better than watching America’s Next Top Model.

Before the trip to the gym we had dinner


Chicken, couscous, broccoli, salad.


I want to have babies with the couscous.  It’s got that Fisherman’s Wharf seasoning I’ve used on potatoes before.  That stuff is good on everything.  World Market.  Get some yo.  Do it.

It wants to be your friend.

We got home from the gym wanting some snacks


PB & J Glo Bite

For those of you saying they looked good-seriously, make them!  I loverize them.  Love so much I put a bunch in the fiance’s lunch so that I wouldn’t eat them all.

We were still snacky, so I made popcorn.


Popcorn is our friend.

Then I flossed all the popcorn bits out of my teeth.  Popcorn before bed = guaranteed flossing.  So really, I should be eating popcorn EVERY day.

I might have eaten popcorn for breakfast in college.

Like, every day.

Let’s not judge, ok?

(And I didn’t just have popcorn, don’t worry.)

(I also had an Americano with two extra shots.)

(I should never be a nutritionist, huh?)

I did NOT have popcorn for breakfast today!  I had eggs.  Delicious delicious eggs.

First I sauted onions.  Because it smells good.


Then I added two eggs, plus chicken, a piece of bacon, olives, tomato, spinach, and some sharp cheddar.


I have issues adding too much to my eggs.  A two egg omelet probably wasn’t meant to be this big


With sour cream and more cheese on top.

Sour cream is my friend.  I’m pretty sure I like it on everything-eggs, chips, salad, you name it.

Now I need to go find something to do with my day.  I’m thinking library.

Any book suggestions?  I really need new things to read….


4 responses to “Is it bad?

  1. I just found your blog and am so flippin happy I did.

    I add too much shit to my eggs too and can never squeeze them onto my toast or bagels. Idiot I am.

  2. In the old days they would put leftover popcorn in milk and eat it as cereal! I saw that on Good Eats, so really you were just following your grandparents’ example 😉

  3. I love omelets with onions and mushrooms! So yummy.

  4. livelaughloveandrun

    That omelette looks fab! Who cares if it was big.. spinach takes up a lot of room. ha!

    As far as good books, if you want a girly read, anything by Emily Giffin is good. My favorites were “Something Borrowed” and “Something Blue.” If you want a sad/serious read, I love Jodi Picoult.. my favorites are “Nineteen Minutes,” “The Pact,”and “My Sisters Keeper.”

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