“I don’t want bread with fruit in it…”

I made wheat berries today!

I’ve had them before (Lamb pita cart at the farmers market, I’m looking at you!) But I haven’t cooked them.

Although, I think knowing what they are puts me ahead of the general popualtion… One time I was in the store buying bread and a family standing next to me was staring at a loaf of Wheatberry Bread. The daughter was going “I don’t want bread with fruit in it” while the mom was trying to figure out what fruit was in the bread “I don’t see any fruit at all!”  I (really nicely, because I could totally get being confused) explained that it was the wheat kernels and the name meant it had whole wheat berries.

What did I do with my wheat berries?

DSCN3462Made a bowl of deliciousness!

That had wheatberries, corn, celery, onion, carrot, tomato, beans, and cilantro

DSCN3463Plus pecans on top.  I’m getting a little pecan obsessed.   Pecans are the new nectarines.  (Depressed is the new pink, empanadas are the new cupcakes… <line isn’t until the end of the video, rest isn’t too terribly funny>)

Fred (that’d be Fred Meyer) and I made up today.  We still have our issues but the nice nurse told me today that they have my prescription for less than a third of what I was paying at Walgreens.  I can be bought.  Let’s be honest.

At Fred’s I bought this cause it was ultra cheap with a coupon.  It’s part stevia, part sugar?

DSCN3464And put it on my snack…

DSCN3465A chopped up apple with peanut butter and pecans.

And… those sun crystals are funky.  Once it’s in your mouth it’s not so bad (yes, that is what she said), but the first taste is nast.

We’ll see how it is in coffee tomorrow, but I’m skeptical and sad now.  Lameeeeee.

What’ve you tried and been disappointed by?


4 responses to ““I don’t want bread with fruit in it…”

  1. I love wheatberries. This is gonna sound so weird, but I mix them into my oats when I cook them sometimes!

  2. I’ve never tried wheatberries, but I love that girl’s response.

    I tried stevia for the first time recently (blog review coming soon!) – the liquid version seriously grosses me out, but the powder’s all right in coffee and such. Maybe the sun crystals will be better when dissolved?

  3. Wheatberries are awesome! They taste as awesome as their name sounds. I’m a fan of them on oats, but that’s not saying much, because I’d probably eat just about anything so long as it was on oats…

  4. I LOVE wheatberries. So good. I wish I would remember to use them more often.

    Hm…I’m not a fan of Barney Butter! Way too salty for me.

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