A peanut butter and jelly-ful day

I followed up my PB&J breakfast by making Angela’s PB&J Glo Bites

DSCN3416I used mini tart pants.  They’re adorable, and when I was making them I was thinking to myself “these are so cute!  Why don’t I bake in them more?”

Then they came out of the oven and suddenly I remembered how everything sticks to them.


Good news is they’re yummy eaten out of the pans!

DSCN3418The fiance adores peanut butter, and we have way too much jam, so these are win-win thing.  Mine aren’t vegan because I have no non-dairy milk.  But they’re still tasty.

I made a kinda weird lookin salad for lunch

DSCN3421The greenish blob in the middle?  I mixed that cilantro sauce with couscous, chickpeas, and beans.  Funny looking, yummy tasting

DSCN3419It’s funny looking, huh?

Salad also had carrot, tomater, olives, mushroom, spinach, almonds, and lettuce.

And then I followed it up with this

DSCN3425Apple, strawberry, and grapes mixed with a spoonful of yogurt and cinnamon pecans on top.

I chopped the apple this morning when I cut my breakfast one, and then dumped a little lemon juice on the apple and grapes so the apple wouldn’t get all gross.  I really like how the apple soaks up all the lemon-y flavor, and the grapes did the same thing. Sour!

And it’s my mommy’s birthday today!

(She’s the little girl in front)

Doesn’t that picture make it look like she grew up in the 1930s or something?  My mommy’s childhood stories make it sound like she grew up extra long ago-she grew up in a tiny town and her teachers were super old and so she learned to write with an inkwell and nib, sewed on a treadle sewing machine and got her hands slapped with a ruler if she was bad.  Her family had a wood stove and an icebox.  When I was younger my favorite way to kill time in the car was to ask for stories from when she was a little girl.

Happy Mommy Day!


4 responses to “A peanut butter and jelly-ful day

  1. Happy birthday to your mom! those PB&J globites look great. A PB&J day is always a good day

  2. Happy Birthday to you mother! Haha, LOVED that oldie picture!
    and man I’m really craving your glo-bite!

  3. happy birthday to your mom! what a cool picture.

    I need to make those pb&j bites soon. they look so good

  4. My favorite way to pass time used to be the same but with my dad! He had such an interesting childhood!

    Those mini tarts look so cute!

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