Recycling guilt…

I had a decently not killing my breakfast after my pirate food fest last night (and those of you who said the fries looked good-oh my god you have no idea!)


Apple with pb and cinnamon, some strawberries, and a baby bowl of cereal (Kashi + Cherrios + Corn Flakes.  I told myself I had to use some of the open if I opened a new box)

I got the cereal on a grocery store run where I forgot my bags. Fail.  I missed being able to ask for paper because I wasn’t paying attention so I had this

DSCN3386Mound o’ Guilt.  How do checkers fail so bad at bagging groceries.  I got the fiance 4 powerades (they’re only 59 cents this week!) and somehow those needed two bags!  I spent 14 bucks and had FIVE bags.  Good lord.  I hate forgetting my bags

Lunch was a full on Hugh Jass salad


Lettuce, spinach, carrot, corn, ‘banzos, walnuts, onions, celery, tomatoes… pretty much everything I could find.

Topped with this tasty cliantro sauce (cliantro + yogurt + garlic + lime blended.  Yum)

DSCN3393The only thing better than cilantro is liquid cilantro to hug your food in it’s tastiness.

And then added a little sour cream and some hummus.


Is it weird that I had garbanzos AND hummus?  Let’s go with no

Clean plate bowl club!


And now I just switched on the TV intending to do yoga (leaving the house would make me feel like I had to shower.) but look what I found


Stripper aerobics!   Oh yeahhhh….

I hope this will take my mind of the bag guilt…

Question for y’all:  do you take bags to the store?  Do you feel guilty when you forget them?  Or is this just because I live in Portland?


6 responses to “Recycling guilt…

  1. I take my bags in the stores probably 95% of the time. I forget a lot when I’m just running in for a few things…I don’t feel that guilty because I save the plastic ones for bathroom garbage pail liners…not the best thing, but not the worst either…

  2. i have the memory span of a gold fish and so trying to remember the bags takes a lot of time and energy. i tried keeping them in the car, that worked for a while. i do feel guilty because i just throw the bags away and we never use them.

  3. I forget my bags and feel totally guilty. Sometimes they are hanging over my arm, and then I feel stupid. But I did live in Bend, so this could be why.

    This is my first time reading your blog and “Hugh Jass” had me cracking up.

  4. ah, I HATE when I forget my bags! Why do they only put like 2 things in one bag? It drives me crazy.

  5. I actually don’t bring my own bags although I wish I did.
    I DO hate how many they use though for the smallest amount of items!

  6. i have about 6 or 7 reusable bags, and i forget them .. a lot. next time, i will run back out to the car! haha

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