Pirate Food


Last night the fiance and I celebrated our house not having any massive damage late talk like a pirate day and went to Salvador Molly’s.  It’s walking distance from the new house, and their happy hour menu is all stuff that costs two bucks. And they’re into pirates.  (Two little kids decked out in pirate garb showed up while we were there.  Cute.  There was a pirate festival somewhere I guess?)

Basically, I will be there all the time.

You get peanuts to eat while you wait for your food

DSCN3370That’s a bit healthier, and saltier than a bread bowl.  Win-win.

And of course, happy hour calls for a drink

DSCN3367Happy hour foods for two bucks means you can get everything you want!  We hadn’t been there for happy hour before so decisions didn’t sound fun. I love when food is cheap and we can order a bunch of stuff.  Plus, we like to share because we’re bad at just picking one thing  🙂

We had volcano fries

DSCN3379“A mountain of “pirate’s plank” fries dusted with volcanic spices flowing with melted cheese.”  They were spicy! And fantasticly tasty.

Pork Sliders

DSCN3377I want to eat these every day please.  Seriously, every day.

Kyinga-Kyinga Chicken sticks with mango slaw.

DSCN3375It had a gingery peanut sauce that was tasty, but I didn’t love the chicken.  Which made the fiance happy because he did love it, and didn’t have to share as much.

Vietnamese rice noodle salad

DSCN3380When you dump out the takeout box it filled the whole plate!  It was good, and tasted less like it’d give me a heart attack than the other stuff.

And of course, fortune cookies mean fortunes.

DSCN3385Could I ask for a more perfect fortune?  Especially when we were just at the house, trying to be sure we’re making the right choice…

Have you ever gotten a super appropriate (or really bad) fortune?


6 responses to “Pirate Food

  1. What a funky little restaurant. The volcano fries sound the best, icy things like that

  2. totally appropriate fortune 🙂 im glad your new house doesnt have any issues. those fries look SOOOOOOO good.

  3. Gotta love happy hours! Heck yeah for spending 2 bucks an item!

  4. funny you ask about measurements. i was thinking of doing that this morning. i did one last month but i cant find the sheet i wrote it down on 🙂 i think ill take your suggestion. thanks.

  5. Excellent fortune! And excellent food! I love cheap happy hours.

    The best fortune I ever got was “All the effort you are making will ultimately pay off.” It’s taped above my desk because it’s helping me get through grad school. 😉

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