Vegan LovIN

I wanted chocolate for breakfast today.  Mmm chocolate.  Hello PMS.

Since chocolate for breakfast isn’t the best choice, no matter how good it sounds, I made chocolate chip pancakes.

Note:  when making pancakes you should look at how many the recipe says it’ll make, otherwise you end up with this

DSCN3322Lifetime supply of pancakes.  I made the whole wheat, so I’m pretty sure they’re healthy.  I picked out the chocolate-iest ones, plus apple with almond butter and cinnamon

DSCN3323And coffee, because coffee makes you happy, I’m pretty sure

DSCN3324I’m very amused that we have matching mugs-for a long time the fiance didn’t have mugs at his apartment (back before we were livin’ in sin) and so for Christmas last year he got us matching mugs from Anthropologie, plus another K mug for me to keep at my house.  Despite how it looks I’m not cool enough to drink my coffee black, I just hadn’t put milk in yet.

I went to VegFest with the LovIN clan, and had too much fun shoving ever conceivable type of non-dairy ice cream into my mouth to take any pictures. I was served hemp ice cream by two adorable little boys who proudly proclaimed “this is made with HEMP!”  Too cute.  Ice cream wins over pictures.

Wait, that’s a lie, I took a picture of this


Thats a bike and a coffee cart.  If Portland had a flag this would be on it.

Now I’m at home staring at the free goodies I stashed in my purse

DSCN3327and wishing I had about 5 more of the So Delicious ice cream sandwiches.  Sarah said “I want to marry this ice cream”.  Seriously, it’s crack.


One response to “Vegan LovIN

  1. I’ve had the So Delicious Neapolitan ice cream sandwiches, and I do agree, cracktastic. Anything that fits banana, chocolate, and strawberry in 100 calorie sandwich bars deserves a medal(and to be eaten about 4 at a time)

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