Traffic traffic traffic

i’ve mentioned before, I pick my fiance up from his vanpool because he works an hour away…

Fridays are usually kinda terrible traffic.  It tends to take me about a half hour to get to where I meet him (in the mornings?  10 minutes, tops).

But yesterday twenty-freakin-six bikers crashed on the freeway.

Good job guys, good job.  That meant that there was a really awesome delay for the fiance getting home.  By the time we got home-an hour later than normal- I was tired and hungry.  So we went to a buffet!

Hugh Jass salad?






Pizza Bread?



Soft serve fro yo in the most adorable little cone ever?


Check and



Also, you can kinda see my haircut there.  See how it looks remarkably the same?  I went to the Aveda Institute, which is cheap but involves getting the Aveda tea (love that stuff) and a scalp massage.

I don’t do supercuts or the like, for those who suggested, because I had a bad experience with dull scissors there once (split end city).  And I had a separate instance where they managed to screw up my hair.  “Long layers” isn’t hard, and yet this woman couldn’t do it.  The beauty school has yet to fail, and costs less than supercuts!  I just hate that it’s in the Pearl-paying for parking is lame.

And now we’re hungry hungry hippos people so we’ve gottta make some breakfast before I hit up VegFest with the LovIns

Oh!  I almost forgot-at Sweet Tomatoes I saw a man who seriously I think had a salad made almost entirely of eggs.  Eggs and ranch, with a splash of lettuce.  It was AWESOME.

Does anyone else love buffets?  I think they’re great for judging people watching.


2 responses to “Traffic traffic traffic

  1. HA! Love the mini cone 🙂

  2. Ahh, buffets are our friends and enemies. I always *try* to do the 1-plate only thing when I go to a buffet, but I’m not sure it’s the same when the 1 plate has a mountain of food on it. I love watching the old people at buffets who eat like there’s no tomorrow, which for them might or might not be true

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