Portland Boys, we are here…

Last Timbers game of the season last night!

We’d already won the league, which is rad.


Beer and sports.  The fiance was happy. (Widmer’s Drifter-I’m a fan)

One of my favorite parts of the game is always the halftime match.  They have little kids come out and play.  Which basically means a bunch of children run around in a mob surrounding the ball and try not to fall over.  Last night there were a ton and they were extra little.


It has to be pretty cool to be 7 and play in front of 12,000 people.

Before we left for the game we dug into a massive pot of stew


My bowl + some of the rolls from the night before.  Yum!


Today I made the fiance a breakfast sandwich (eggs, bacon, cheese, on one of the rolls), and so I followed the same idea for mine:


Scrambled egg with bacon and cheese (true story:  this is is probably the least healthy way to eat eggs.  But it’s also the tastiest), plus a banana coated in cinnamon.

And then that stupid granola was staring at me, looking so good.


So I had a baby sized bowlful with milk

Question of the day since the kids from last night got me thinking about it…

DSCN3278What sports did you play as a kid?  When I was really little I did T-ball, and soccer.  And I started tennis around the end of elementary school.


2 responses to “Portland Boys, we are here…

  1. I did gymnastics because my friends were, and it took me about half a year to realize I was one of the least agile kids, and happily quit

  2. i never did sports…i was too chicken to be the kid they picked last…

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