I love fall.

So, I went to the store today.

And came very close to texting the fiance with excitement.



5 pounds of apples for $2!

Don’t pretend you’re not jealous.  I love fall now.  Until it starts to rain at least.

I made chicken stock today, and because I love you all I refrained from taking pictures.  A pot of chicken bones ain’t pretty.  But this isn’t too bad


Once it cools I’ll put it into ice cube trays and freeze, and then have stock for couscous, soup, quinoa, whatevs.  I used to hate cooking meat with bones-the first time I did it was about a year ago.  But I love having stock, so I make it work.

I used some of the stock in todays lunch:


Broccoli, mushrooms, ‘banzos, onion, celery, and some parm on WW rotini (plus the stock).

Mixed up


Yum!  I never buy mushrooms, because, you know, they kill you dead.  But it sounded good at the store, and the fiance wasn’t there to tell me about how gross they were.

And now I’m going to go get my hair did.  Sarah suggested I use one of these

As sexy as I would be doing that, I opted for no.  I haven’t cut my hair in seriously almost 5 months.  I’m so bad about getting haircuts because I hate paying for them.  Plus I’ve been growing my hair longggg.

When I moved to Portland two years ago it was this(I’m leaning funny but it was a little above my shoulders)


Now, it’s this

Photo 63

(note:  it was so long in fact, that I had to set my computer on a bookshelf and use photobooth to get a picture where you could see the length.  and i felt dorky taking the picture, hence the face).

See how it’s long, and super straight?  It’s the easiest hair to cut-I’ve had hairdressers tell me as much.  So I can’t stand dropping 50 bucks when my haircut takes 20 minutes. I also have no clue what to do with it, or what to tell the hairdresser, which encourages the procrastination.

How much do you pay for haircuts?  In my hometown I paid about 80 for a cut and full (2 color) foils, and around 20-25 for a cut.  Was that just absurdly cheap?

4 responses to “I love fall.

  1. that’s absurdly expensive for a cut. you should find a supercuts or fantastic sam. if all you’re looking for is a simple trim, they’ll take care of it for less that $15.

  2. I wouldn’t say that was cheap at all. I know people that will only pay 15 dollars to get their hair cut. I personally shell out about $30.


  3. Apparently I am a spendthrift, but I pay $$60 (including tip) for my cuts. It’s way too much but a good haircut is important to me and Supercuts can’t handle my hair.

  4. I’m not going to pretend I don’t hate you right now, lol! The apples here in CA are still $1.49 per lb!

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