So pretty!

Ok, first things first, isn’t this granola I made for my mommy so pretty?


I might’ve saved us a bowl 🙂


It better be good, because see how many ingredients it took?


Good lord.

(I was trying to recreate some that she loved, she had an empty container and gave me the ingredients-i left out a few things like dried yeast and xanathan gum…)

Lunch was simple but yummy-I needed something to keep my hands off the granola


One of the homemade rolls with hummus, tuna, lettuce, onion, and pickle plus carrot, apple, and squash on the side.  Did I dip the squash in hummus?  There’s a chance, there’s a chance.

I saved the wishbone from our chicken last night.  I always lose at this, but really, how good of luck can it be?  If the chicken were wishing, I think she’d wish to not be eaten…


Do you make wishes on anything?  I do the 11:11 wishes.

11 responses to “So pretty!

  1. STUNNING granola 😀

    I wish on the wishbone too!

  2. that’s why i cant stand to make my own granola sometimes, there is absolutely WAY too much ingredients.

    i dont really do wishes.

  3. My grandmother and I used to always do wishbones, and I used to always do the 11:11 thing. now I’m happy to be asleep by 11:11 haha

  4. I totally do the 11:11 wishes!

  5. Very pretty granola! I wish on eyelashes (not eyebrows – those don’t work).

  6. I love the idea of wishing on things! I forget to do it though!
    I know what you mean about needing to eat something to keep you from the granola 🙂 I’m the same way. It really does look pretty!

  7. Hey! Just found your blog! I love the name, I’m kind of an eating machine too! LOL.

    Love the granola, looks yummy!

  8. that granola looks awesome!

    we always do the wishbones 🙂

  9. livelaughloveandrun

    My bf and I always do the 11:11 wishes. Usually, we’re on the phone (he lives in Miami and I live in Philly) and it’ll turn 11:11 and we’ll sit in absolute silence.. haha!

  10. That granola looks awesome–I love it when there’s a ton of variety mixed in!
    Aww I haven’t done a wishbone in SO long–my grandma and I used to love that!

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