“I love peanut butter for breakfast…”

First off, I loved how many of you love the smell of baked apples.  That’s what smelled like fall in my lunch yesterday.

Now, I’ve gotta tell you guys something sad.  Like, really sad.

Seriously, this is one of the sadder things in my life.

Are you ready for it?

The fiance WON’T EAT BAKED APPLES.  Not in crisp, not in pie, not cored and filled with cinnamon and sugar, not sliced and heated up to go on pancakes.

Wait, it gets worse.

I know, how could it get worse, right?

He won’t eat pumpkin either.

No pie, no pumpkin butter, no pumpkin bread.  I think if I made him oats with pumpkin he’d cry.

And let’s be honest.  Unless you’re my greyhound-esque little brother you probably can’t, and shouldn’t, eat a pie by yourself.  (Braden can, and will).  No apple pie for me.  It’s terrible.

Moving on…. it was kinda rainy and cold here last night.  Which ended up being perfect for dinner.

DSCN3251Roasted chicken (I cooked a whole one, I’ll be making stock today), the rest of the Danish squash, homemade mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, and a roll.

DSCN3248I love homemade mashed taters.  I think cause they have texture, instead of being baby food-ish

And we BOTH had squash!

DSCN3249The fiance said it looked like pineapple.  Which it totally kinda did.  He ate a few bites though.  And then had 3 rolls.

I had a Sweaty Betty with my dinner

DSCN3246The fiance went to undergrad in Boulder, so he’s all about the Boulder Beer Company stuff.  It wasn’t bad…

And then my nightcap was this

DSCN3253Mmm I love hot chocolate.

Today I made the fiance oats in a jar

DSCN3254He got really excited.  Mostly, because he’s about 5 some days, and pretended he was eating straight peanut butter for breakfast.  The whole drive to the vanpool was “I love peanut butter for breakfast!”

I made myself this when I got home

DSCN3259Part of an apple, part of a banana, a little bit of cherrios, and peanut butter.  I nuked the peanut butter so it was melty and would make friends with more of the bowl.

Now it’s time to make some granola for my mommy-it’s her birthday in a few days, and she adores this granola Costco used to sell, so I’m trying to make her some approximation of it.

If anyone can come up with a way to make the fiance like cooked apples or pumpkin, you’ll be my bestie!  Seriously, if someone can come up with a way that works I’ll give you a present.  Maybe pumpkin bread?


7 responses to ““I love peanut butter for breakfast…”

  1. Mmm I love baked apples! Pumpkin bread sounds like a great idea–maybe once you make it, fiance will try and love it!??? Orrr not!
    HAHA Sweaty Betty, that’s cute!!

  2. No cooked apples or pumpkin? Does he hibernate in the Fall? that’s what all the best dessert are made out of

  3. you should really blind fold him and feed him and see if he’ll ever know. if he doesnt eat these things then he wont know what it tastes like right? It’ll be a good game 🙂

    or just puree everything and he’ll never know whats in it.

  4. -Pumpkin “cupcakes.” He ate zucchini cupcakes, right? You can just tell him you put orange food coloring in them for Halloween.
    -Chocolate-chip pumpkin cookies. With some frosting, he won’t even see the pumpkin part
    -Pumpkin cheesecake. The color comes from “caramel.”
    -Apple fritters. I’ve never met a man who said no to doughnuts.
    -Maybe if you make a fried apple pie the lure of fried-ess will outweigh the apple-ness
    -And the old standby, camouflage. Tiny bits of apple in cranberry sauce, pumpkin added to pancakes. It worked on my teenage brothers, at least.

  5. How sad! I like Tamara’s ideas – maybe if some of those go over well you can gradually work up to apple and pumpkin pies.

  6. or perhaps you could put baked apples in an empty peanut butter jar? 😉

  7. peanutbutterfingers

    mmmm i love hot chocolate, too!! best before bed.

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