Tastes Like Fall…

I made a magically delicious lunch today.  Basically, I shoved all this goodness

DSCN3230(Chickpeas, apples, corn, cinnamon pecans, parsley, and unpictured brown rice, celery, and onion)

Into half of a (mostly cooked) Danish squash.  That’s the same as an acorn squash, right?  Topped with a little bit of bread crumbs.

DSCN3236Chopped up

DSCN3239Super tasty.  Only thing I’d change next time is to scoop out some of the squash and mix it into the stuffing-it took work to get the flavors all together, and plain squash is kinda bland. Once I squished it all together though?  Party in my tummy. (Side note:  don’t start watching that video while drinking.  Because someone will then tell you that gin wants to come to the party in your tummy.  And you’ll believe them.  Gin doesn’t want to come to the party, I promise)

It totally smelled like pie when I was baking it.  Mmmm.

I did a crazy amount of stuff while this was baking.  Chopped up things for tomorrow’s dinner (stew, so it’s gotta get started early in the day)

DSCN3235Plus chopped, cooked, and mashed taters for tonight’s dinner

DSCN3240All the chopping made my finger hurt


I also made rolls!  I used up my sad, sad honey bear

DSCN3228See how it’s mishapen AND the honey crystalized?  Honey and I aren’t besties.  It’s kinda sad.  I love honey, it doesn’t love me back.  It took me years but I made a new bestie named agave.   It’s the same price at Winco, and it doesn’t pull this crap.

So now these are in the oven

DSCN3241Which means my house smells like bread AND pie!  Win.

What’s your favorite fall smell?


9 responses to “Tastes Like Fall…

  1. my favorite fall smells are……APPLE PIE, PUMPKIN PIE, and CIDER!

  2. Apple crisp is an amazing smell

  3. Favorite fall smell = baking apples in any form. Mmmmm…

  4. FAvorite fall smell is pears or pumpkin!

  5. Those rolls look fantastic!! I have to agree with the above commenters and say that baking apples are the best fall smell 🙂

  6. ooh, that looks awesome! I’ve got to get some winter squash soon.

    what roll recipe did you use? they look so good!

  7. oh, and duh…favorite fall smell:

    anything baking with lots of cinnamon 🙂

  8. i think today you have transformed .. into bakingmachine

    i love me some spun honey or creamed honey more than anything … mmm so good on EVERYTHING. i wish i had some on my english muffin this morning instead of pb. for some reason pb just doesnt work on those muffins for me .. weird!

  9. Hey girl! Not sure if I’ve ever commented on your blog (but I’ve read it before). Anyway, so glad I stumbled upon it because I totally passed up the acorn squash at the market the other day thinking.. what could I do with this little thing? Thanks for reminding me of the obvious! I can just stuff it hehehe. Have a wonderful Friday, girl!



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