I just want more falafel.  Seriously, why didn’t I make more?

Had a veggie burger for dinner.  Put baba ganoush on it.  Honestly, you should try it…


Plus corn.


I wanted some wine but all the stuff we had was good wine.  Honestly, I just wanted some Trader Joes shiz.  I settled for a juice glass of beer.


Honestly, we should’ve had a salad too.  Because soon after, the fiance wanted dessert.

A trip to the store netted this


Plus Reeses ice cream.  Way too good.


Honestly, I could’ve eaten the whole cookie.

For breakfast today, honestly, I wanted toast.  But we were out of bread so I made this


Oat/flax/oat bran combo with almond butter and bananas.

Honestly, I’ve taken to salting the almond butter a little.  I like it more that way.  Whoops.

And now I’m going to make some bread.  But honestly, I’d rather take a nap.


3 responses to “Honestly…

  1. almond butter always tastes better with salt, it’s like a thing of life

  2. Honestly your blog is one of my faves. Honestly.

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