We’ll Invade Russia!

Sometimes, when I think about how I don’t have a job, Bad Decision Dinosaur stats reminding me I can go to school again

No Bad Decision Dinosaur, No.

Seriously though it sounds more fun than continuing to look for a job.  Do you need skill to major in dance?  Because I’d like to twirl in circles and wear a tutu.  No promises on ability.  But twirling is totally a life skill and stuff.  As is tutu wearing.

(Headline comes from this Bad Decision Dino)

Know what’s not a bad decision?

DSCN3191Roasted sweet potatoes…. Mmmmm….

Rest of dinner

DSCN3193Steak, the taters, green beans, and bread.  Mmm.  I was in a carb mood.  And, um, ketchup, aka dippy.  Mmm dippy.  I might have dipped steak in the dippy.  There’s a chance. (My blood sugar was deadddd and needed some carbs.  Mmmm)

My cousin’s 2 year old is all about the dippy.  The fiance judged.  He wouldn’t even TRY the steak and dippy.

Then I had this

DSCN3195It made me happy.  I refrained from using the dippy.

I was a good wifey at breakfast today… Made him this

DSCN3197Killer Bread, bacon, and an egg.  All American.

My breakfast might’ve been a little less conventional

So there was toast…

DSCN3207What’s that on the toast?  Um… it’s hummus.  Yeah.  And then I put this on top of it

DSCN3209And now I’m cooking some of these suckers

I cook them myself partly cause I’ve only got so much space in the pantry (and less at my last place) and dried beans take up way less room.  And I think it makes me feel like I’m cooking or frugal or something.  Who knows.  I think you get about 4 cans of beans out of one bag, so it’s pretty cost effective.  I cook them in the crockpot.  Cause on the stove sometimes I might forget they’re there.  Might’ve happened.

Now if you’ll excuse me, Bad Decision Dinosaur and I are going to look up grad schools…


3 responses to “We’ll Invade Russia!

  1. *Recent BS-graduate cries after another failed interview and counts the number of months left before her masters program starts*

  2. ugh, i’ve already been through grad school once and I still think about doing that AGAIN instead of trying to find a job I like. it’s so hard right now!

  3. OMG I heart Cat and Girl so hard! Also grad school is AWESOME. I’ve never looked back at my corporate days.

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