…hummus, and tabouli, and baba ganoush

I had this song stuck in my head when I was at the grocery store today.  I gave into the lyrics and got an eggplant to make baba ganoush.  It didn’t make the song leave my head, but it was yummy!

For the baba I microwaved the eggplant (lazy, yes, but effective as well), and then scooped out the inside.


I blended it with tahini, garlic, and parsley.  It was tasty!

I also made falafel.  They seemed to go together.  I had soaked chickpeas (most recipes asked for soaked, but not cooked) because we need to make more hummus, so I was good to go.  All the directions I saw told you to use a food processor.  I have a blender.  It took a while.  I started with this


And watched it become this


And finally this!


Then I shaped them into balls and sprayed ’em with pam.  Baked for about 20 minutes!

They turned out pretty good


My lunch was the falafel and baba plus lettuce, carrots, and a tahini-yogurt sauce.  Loved it!


Only sad things is that I didn’t make extra…

But, to make up for it, I used my coupon ninja skills to get cheap chocolate!  15 cents per bar baby…


Now to hide it.  I’ve learned a valuable lesson that if I bury candy in the freezer I forgot it’s there until I really need something sweet, and the fiance doesn’t steal it!

Do you ever hide food so you don’t have to share?


7 responses to “…hummus, and tabouli, and baba ganoush

  1. i hide food only so i forget its there. if i dont want tos hare, ill buy something he doesnt like 🙂

  2. I hide food all the time — but usually from myself! HA! If I had a stash of dates staring me in the face everytime I opened the cupboard, it would be a very, very dangerous thing.

  3. lol! hide food? No, not me…I usually share everything.

    65 cents Ghirardelli! Wow! What a great buy!

  4. you know, I need to try making hummus in my blender now that our food processor is broken.

    yes, I hide food 🙂

  5. Felafel, hummus and baba ganoush are some of my favourite foods 😀 I live alone, but yes… I have been known to hide food. There is nothing more annoying to looking forward to eating something and coming home to find it gone! Hehe…

  6. i LOVE baked felafel, my mom thinks it is impossible, i need to show her sometime hehe

  7. I’ve never had Baba Ganoush–not even sure I know exactly what it is. lol
    The freezer is my #1 hiding spot!!!

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