Shock me shock me shock me…

See what’s hanging out in my fruit bowl?


What’s that yellow thing? No, no the bananas… the other thing.

It’s a spaghetti squash!  Dawn made some the other day and got me thinking about it… And when I explained it to the fiance he said he’d try it!  That’s right, the man said he’d eat something that will kill him.  Watch for that sometime soon.

Made such a tasty lunch!  It’s corn chowder, with lots of extra veggies

DSCN3185Basically I chopped up a little red potato, a carrot, a can of creamed corn (read the labels-I got the one with the least added stuff, but using creamed instead of normal corn helps give the soup a thicker consistency), a celery rib, chopped peppers, onions, and a piece of bacon all cooked in milk and some water.  I added some raw corn on top which gave it an extra crunch.  I love the taste and texture of raw corn!

Plus bread and hummus.  Almost out!  Gotta cook up some more garbanzos!

DSCN3186All together…

DSCN3187I love soup.  This has a great sweetness from the corn, plus saltiness from the bacon, and spiciness from the peppers (I used anahiems)

So any suggestions on how to do the fiance’s first squash feeding?  Should I put marinara on it?  Butter?


5 responses to “Shock me shock me shock me…

  1. Put melted cheese on top. Can anyone deny something topped with melted cheese?

  2. squash is ALWAYS good with butter and brown sugar, baked in the oven. yumyum yum

  3. I’d drown it in sauce. The texture is much like ‘sghetti, but the flavor is NOT.

    So you cook your banzos. That must be the secret. I’ve heard that peeling them (who has the time?!) also helps.

  4. I just made spaghetti squash for the first time last week. I didn’t like it straight up, but it made an amazing casserole!

  5. i LOVE spag squash! mmm mmm MMM !
    i want to get my family to try it soon, but it is SO dang expensive!

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