Back from the Dead…

I felt kinda like death most of yesterday.  We managed to get out of the house to hit up Costco where I had the oh so healthy berry smoothie from their food court.


I’m pretty sure it’s good for me.

We had happy hour for dinner.  Mcmenamins food is kinda sucky, but the fiance wanted a burger, so whatevs. I had a “beer garden burger”


Super bland.  Lameeee.  (Side note:  best veggie burger I’ve had out was at the Deschutes in Bend.  That one was fantastic) Plus a salad


There are hazelnuts on the salad!  I think the hazelnuts were my favorite part of my dinner. Also, Oregon peeps-what is the deal with their onions?  Why are they all slimy and weird?  I’m scared to eat them, but I always forget how funky there are till my salad comes.

We also stopped by the co-op grocery that’s in the same hood as the Mcmenamins and hopefully our future house.  I got ice cream sandwiches


They’re little baby sized ones, which makes them a nice snack


And the ice cream in them was super good.

Plus they had black cherry Zevia!  This was the flavor I’ve been wanting to try.


Probably my favorite I’ve had.

I feel like a human again today, which is awesome.  Made taco-ish eggs for breakfast


two eggs, and then some taco meat, peppers, onions, and corn, with cheese sour cream and tomatos (and extra peppers!) on top.  The peppers were spicy!

And now I’m watching Real Housewives on demand.  It’s making me smarter.

5 responses to “Back from the Dead…

  1. Glad you’re feeling better! I’m guessing it was the ice cream sandwich. 🙂

  2. LOL, you’re back from the dead, and I’m in the dead zone now. Drank too much last night 😦

    The McMenamin’s onions are marinated (in red wine vinegar, I think) making them slimy and different tasting.

    I’ve never been to Food Front…hopefully will visit when I live in the hood 🙂 Do you think the cost is worth it? $5/mo til I hit $150 paid doesn’t seem bad.

  3. Hazelnuts on salad sounds good. Giada De Laurentis has a recipe for pasta with a nutella sauce and chopped hazelnuts. I’m pretty sure it’s sweeter than dessert but it counts as dinner. Score

  4. glad youre feeling better! th0se eggs look awesome

  5. Chris says that the Ram in So-lame Salem here makes a good veggie burger. Next time you want to come down, I’ll buy you one (*cough* and a pitcher of Oregon Blonde *cough*).

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