Whiskers on kittens…

How to tell you’ve had too much to drink:

Your night ends with you singing one of the finest songs ever to be recorded by a Canadian boy band

outside Lucky Lab, trying to convince your fiance he knows the song.  (I was right, he did.  HA)

We were pretty full from the hummus so dinner was easy

DSCN3155(That’s a salad sized plate)

Salmon, steamed veggies, and more bread with hummus because it was the best thing ever.


And wine.  Oh Gard, you’re tasty, and by perk of my cousin, you’re free.  All those favorite things in the Sound of Music?  Screw that.  Alcohol and hummus are a few of my favorite things.  Find me raindrops on roses you like more than hummus.  Just try.

I used to buy those steam in bag veggies that they sell by the spinach and stuff at Freddies, but I learned a crazy easy way to steam veggies last year.  My veggie steaming method involves IKEA.  Oh IKEA, I’m glad we’re besties.

Basically, you fill up a microwave safe bowl with veggies and add some water (not a lot-I don’t measure but I’d guess it’s a quarter cup or so)


And then you take this handy dandy splatter cover, cover the bowl, and microwave for 5 minutes or so.


Totally works.  Saves me money.  Happy days.

We then went to Journey’s which is a little place that serves beer wine and some food by us.  Food kills your buzz.  We had beer.


My beer was a White made by Allagash.  The man there described it as “it’s like Blue Moon, but better”.   The man spoke the truth.  The fiance had a hoptober fest from Walking Man.

Then we had another beer, and a slightly crazy old man wanted to talk to us about politics and religion.  Awesome.  So we went to Lucky Lab where the fiance had Solar Flare and I had Crystal Weizen.  Tasty.  And then the aforementioned singing occurred.

DSCN3159(this is a terrible picture.  Which I think illustrates how great I was by this point)

I think I’ve mentioned it before, but I’ve got some blood sugar issues.  And, true story, when you have blood sugar issues getting drunk on beer means you wake up the next morning feeling like you’re still very very drunk-things were spinning, I couldn’t walk straight.  Whoops.

But look what the fiance made for me!  He’s a keeper!

DSCN3168Also, we’re going to need to make more hummus soon.  Going through it like crazy people. Come on Maria, doorbells and sleigh bells and schnitzle with noodles?  Hummus with bread and carrots.  Way better.

What’s something tasty I should be putting it on?  Ideally, something healthier than half a loaf of bread, which is what we’ve done.  Whoops.


6 responses to “Whiskers on kittens…

  1. Hummus and tomato wedges, maybe? I’m not a big hummus fan. The only one I’ve tried and really liked was Cedar’s garlic but that takes its toll on the breath

  2. Oh my god, I LOVED that song in high school! You guys are funny.

  3. I have blood sugar issues too so I know where you’re coming from!

  4. ha, what a fun weekend 🙂

    “it’s like blue moon but better” – that would convince me, too!


    hummus/veggie wraps and sandwiches
    hummus on avocado? never tried it, but I should.
    chips, but I guess that’s like bread 🙂

  5. Ah alcohol & hummus…two of my favorite things as well! 🙂
    With the way I eat hummus I had to come up with different things to put it on too. I use veggies, bell peppers, crackers, turkey–I find any excuse to use it!

  6. that salmon looks SO YUMMY, whats on top ?

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