World Traveler

In an effort to not make me watch ESPN all day tempt ourselves to spend way too much money get out of the house we went to Sweden IKEA today.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a bit of an IKEA addict-I didn’t point it out when I showed my bed the other day, but the bed and bedspread are both from there.   We started with fine Swedish cuisine

Pasta with marinara and meatballs


Plus a salad I filled as full as possible


Ok, as much as I do love IKEA, they have possibly the worst salad dressing ever.  It’s gross.  I, um, put some of the marinara sauce on my salad instead?  I think that’s weird.  But it was way way better.

The fiance helped me on the pasta, and had the traditional Swedish chicken strips and fries (that’s traditional, right?)

We’re totally in love with this bed

The fiance is 6’3″ so I’ve been promising him when we’ve got room we can get a King bed… And if we get this house, we’ll have room!

We also checked out the Barnsligs.  For those not familiar with IKEA, they’re weird weird stuffed things like this


After Sweden we went to Barbur World Foods, where we found wine tasting!


There were nectarines with the wine tasting.  Every time the man wasn’t looking I took some.  Whoops.

Our visit to the whole world netted us some tahnin which we used to make…

Hummus!  We took all this (plus lemon juice that the fiance was hiding)


and made deliciousness!  Mine was garlicy and the fiance’s was full of roasted peppers.


My spread


Amazing!  Seriously, best snack ever.  Plus, even with the cost of a whole jar of tahini it cost the same as buying two containers of hummus at the store… And we’ve got enough tahini to make sooo much more!

What do you like in your hummus? I want to make more now….

5 responses to “World Traveler

  1. We love IKEA too! But I refuse to buy those weird ass stuffed animals for the girls.

    How does your homemade hummus compare to Sabra? I’ve never made a batch of hummus that even comes close to the creamy goodness, so I don’t even try anymore. If I could guarantee the creamy love, I’d probably make a batch with basil and kalamata olives.

  2. your hummus looks awesome! i bought some last week that is artichoke & olive flavor, and it’s pretty tasty…

  3. Not even! My fave hummus has garlic, and Rob’s has roasted red peppers. We’re twins!
    I also like hummus to be SPICY!
    That IKEA is so cool! Of course it opened after we moved! Do you think you’ll get the bed?

  4. Sounds like an awesome day — and I’m so craving hummus now! My favorite recipe (in my admittedly limited experience) is the Hummus en Fuego recipe from 101 Cookbooks ( Nice and spicy!

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