Footy and Football…

Thanks for the birthday wishes to my little brother!  I didn’t tell you guys what I’d gotten him, because I wanted to make sure he’d opened it….

DSCN3096A Big City Slider Station!   He is a big fan of stuff from infomercials.  He has a magic bullet that he uses all the dang time.

Did you know there’s footy (soccer) on at 8 am?  I know cause I got to watch it.  I am a lucky, lucky woman. And football is on all day.

I felt rather like death yesterday, which was fun.  (I got a migraine on thursday, and it was still there yesterday.  Migraines often bugs my tummy, and then my migraine medacine ALSO bugs my tummy.  And then the meds didn’t work.  Fun.)

Through my headache (sunglasses were KEY.  light was not my friend) I managed to go grocery shopping and bought….



Coho salmon was on sale, and I didn’t read the “whole or half” part of the description… Which meant at the store I was shocked to find my choices were tails or mouths.  I figured mouths had more bones to cut through.  I chopped it up though!  I was proud of myself.

I ate this little box of cereal I got as a sample in the mail


See how it looks like I’m a giant?  That amused me.

We had leftover chili for dinner

DSCN3142It wasn’t really the right weather for chili, but I felt like death and “put the container in the mircowave” is generally a good method of cooking when the fiance is making dinner.

And then we went to get advil (the only painkiller that never bugs my tummy) and ice cream.  We hit up Burgerville.  Burgerville is so wonderfully northwest.  They like sustainability and local food.  And the kids meal toys are things like seeds to plant.  I had a triple berry smoothie (which was basically a milkshake, but with non-fat yogurt).  The fiance had a blackberry shake.  Mine had almost 300 calories less.  And was tasty!

photo(2)I’m alive today.  And we’re watching football.  Sweet.  Our weekend is all about the sports.

We had some killer french toast

DSCN3144Dave’s Killer Bread, with nectarines!  The fiance put peanut butter on his.  He won’t eat warm fruit.  Not kidding.

And we bought a whole giant mess of scratch tickets.  They’re totally my guilty pleasure-such a waste of money, but we like them.


If you don’t hear from me, it’s because I won and am now a thousandaire.

I can’t be the only one… who else likes scratch tickets?

2 responses to “Footy and Football…

  1. I love scratch tickets. I never buy them; it probably helps that I don’t have an ID or carry my passport around because I’d go poor if I did. But I love getting them as gifts.

    Billy Mays could make anything on TV look like I needed it. I miss him

  2. I’m not down with the scratch offs, but I like Burgerville. I miss the chocolate hazelnut shakes. A LOT.

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