It’s fall…


See that?  Beer and football.  It’s now fall.

My fiance is the first guy I’ve ever dated who’s truly a sports fan.  It’s a little different, and I think especially now that we live together football season is going to take some adjustments.

We had a very all-American meal last night.  Burgers and corn, plus of course the beer and football.  Except mine was a veggie burger, and the corn was in it, with a salad on the side.


I love the homemade veggie burgers.  If you haven’t made one, try it.  They make my tummy feel happy.  All I did was take part of a can of black beans, some spices (garlic, cumin, black pepper), crushed up crackers (they were out, you could do bread crumbs or flour too), and some egg.  I put raw corn in mine, and it gives it a yummy crunch.


Mixed all up (I mashed the beans before I added the rest), and fried in a pan. This was somewhere under 2/3 of a can of beans, and it make about 2 burgers worth.

Since Andrea brought up how blogging affects your eating/people around you I should add that my fiance is seriously really scared that at some point I am going to stop eating meat.  He’s ok with the bean burgers because it means he gets a normal one, but I think he’s fearful of the day he comes home from work to find tofu for dinner.  (Which won’t happen-I have a texture thing and I can’t do tofu-no matter how it’s prepared the texture just weirds me out)

We had crack cake for dessert.  I really think it needs more crack.


But the nectarines made it look so pretty on the sides.


A few people have asked how the Dave’s bread is-my fiance (who doesn’t always like good for you foods as much as I do) loves it, but is disappointing that Dave didn’t kill anyone.  He said the name is misleading.  But he’s a fan-and he was quite impressed with the nutrition stats on the bread.   Annnnnd if you’re in PDX check out what’s in the Tribune


Oh yeah, BoGo killer bread.  Back page of the sustainable life section


Killer Bread + mommy’s jam = killer food


2 responses to “It’s fall…

  1. Oooh…thanks for the heads up about that DKB coupon! I’m in Portland so I’m going to hunt it down!

  2. wooohoo football! going to the season opener in seattle on sunday!

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