Happy Brother Day

I have a little brother. We’re twins.  Born 4 years and 4 months apart. But twins none the less.

We’ve both got rat colored hair (some would say mousy.  But my baby brother isn’t so smart, and got confused.  so it’s rat now) AND fish colored eyes (fish, if you were wondering, are blueish gray)

As you can see, we’re professionals.  That is, by and far the least goofy picture of us ever.

We both enjoy technology

(WSU graduation, and we’re in WSU colors.  We were pretty proud of ourselves.  Also, see us ignoring graduation.  Whoops.)

Sometimes we go to the zoo.  He’s not a good person to take to the zoo, because whenever there’s an animal sleeping he’ll yell “I think it’s dead!”.   That traumatizes small children.

He’s the taller twin.  And the skinner one.  But that’s cause he’s built like a greyhound, and I’m built like a human.

One time, he even graduated from law school stole someone’s graduation outfit

He decorates some good cakes too

(I taught him everything he knows)

So here’s to you, baby brother!  Cheers to having a birthday that people pledge every year to never forget.  I’m pretty sure the fiance knew your birthday before mine because of it!


7 responses to “Happy Brother Day

  1. we are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    thank you favorite sister!

  2. Lol those are mad cake decorating skills

  3. If you guys become Realtors, you can use that Republican-ish photo of yourselves 🙂 Realtors are lame.
    Happy Birthday Kalin’s brother!

  4. April (Foods of April)

    Happy birthday to your brother!


  5. Where did he go to law school? You know Chris and I are Willamette grads, right? Hope you saw lots of Blazers tonight, and Happy Birthday to your brutha!

  6. Ah, did not know you had a twin! You’re both cuties! Haha!

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