One of the perks to not having a job is that I can watch really good tv all day.  The tv makes me smarter, shows me all sorts of career options, and tells me about things I could buy if I had money.

Currently, my favorite ads are the ones for the Dominos Bread Bowl Pastas with FREE cake.  Because sometimes,  I just need noodles, drenched in cheese, baked into dough.  With chocolate on the side.  Just look at these

They have to be good for you, right?  And at only $5.99 I bet they’re single serve. And then, throwing in a cake?  Genius.

It’s weird, Dominos doesn’t have the nutrtion infor for them on their site.  But some smart people emailed and found out just how skinny these will make you.   Notice how you can see the calories for HALF a breadbowl, or just the pasta.  Because if I order one of these suckers I’m either sharing or discarding the bread, right?

So just how much will one of these kill you?  If you get the mac and cheese one, with the cake you’re getting 1817 calories (almost a whole day’s worth!)…. AND, the lucky person to ingest all this will also get 73 g of fat, 38 g of saturated fat, 3010 mg of sodium, and 58 g of protein.

(The chocolate is to soften this blow…) To put that in perspective, using USDA standards, that’s 112% of your daily value of fat, 190% of your daily value of saturated fat, AND 125% of your daily value of sodium!

All for $5.99.  Talk about a recession buster!  You don’t have to eat ANY saturated fat tomorrow!  Sadly, you’re only at 28% of your daily value of fiber.

I always like food that can efficiently keep me fed for the day in one serving.  It saves time.  I keep telling the fiance we’re going to get these, and have an eating contest.  He keeps telling me there would be no winner.

I had a less efficient lunch


(Mexican pasta:  whole wheat shells, zucchini, black beans, taco meat, corn, salsa, spinach, and sour cream and avocado on top.  Super good!)

It was tasty, but no breadbowl.

Closer to a breadbowl I’m sure was the cake.


Crack nectarine cake. It needs more crack.

Has anyone tried the breadbowls?  I think they don’t even look that good, which is a letdown, because for 190% of my daily value of saturated fat I expect a mouthgasm.


6 responses to “Efficient!

  1. Those are kind of disgusting. I like carbs but bread in bread does not do it for me

  2. Sometimes I think that the fast food world will never shock me again, and then it does something like this. Who comes up with this crap?? Do you think they have trained chefs coming up with their new recipes, or just stoned frat boys?

    P.S. You are a super duper housewife. So impressed by your previous post!

  3. Is it wrong that I really want to call Domino’s right now? Damn you, Kalin!

  4. ha, I’ve seen those commercials too and have wondered how many calories those things have. crazy!

    and you’re right. For something with that much fat and calories, it better be the BEST thing I’ve ever had 🙂

  5. sorry man, those bread bowls just looks SO unappealing …


  6. OMG, the amount of carbs in both those dishes has to be out of this world! No thank you!

    I love your Mexican pasta dish though – looks so fresh!

    Happy Friday!

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