I’ve been FREEZING all day.  But cooking warms me up!

Lunch was a mexican mis-mash…. It had squash, rice, meat, tomatoes, salsa, cheese, and some sour cream and avocado on top


Then I set to work on something I’d never made before…. Roasted peppers!  My daddy always makes them at home, but I’ve never done them myself.

We have way too many (I didn’t roast all of them, and you’ll see, I roasted a ton).  Basically what you do is brush each pepper with oil

DSCN3062(Sidenote: when things have a messy potential I like to put foil over the baking sheet.  Recycle it when you’re done!)

The put them into the oven, on a high rack (this was the second from the top because it looked like if I did the very top they’d be straight up touching the burners) on broil.  I did half at a time just so that I had less stuff at risk of burning at a time.


When they start looking all pretty like this you flip em


And when they’re all brown and blistery you take them out and put them into a bowl or container and cover it.  This lets steam build up for the next step.  After 20 minutes or so you open up your bowl and see this


You take them one by one and pull the stem out (some of mine needed a knife to get that sucker out) and then peel the skin off.  I’m always skeptical of “it just comes right off” type instructions, but it did!


Then you run your finger along it to squeeze out the seeds


The seeds get all over, especially when you’re making a lot, just a warning.  I had to wash my hands a lot.  After that you just chop them up, and use your knife to scrape out any lingering seeds from inside.

Now I’ve got this in my fridge


The fiance wants some for sandwiches… I don’t know quite what else we’ll use them for… I’m thinking pasta sauce?

Do you have any roasted pepper ideas?


6 responses to “Toasty!

  1. The peppers look awesome! Sandwiches yep, or I’d throw them into pasta or put them on a pizza.

  2. Mmm your lunch looks so good!! Love the avocado.

  3. Yummy peppers! And it looks easy, too! Your foil on the baking sheet tip is definitely a good one.

    I think I’d do a pepper panini with some of those…

  4. I’m going to need to do this soon, too.

    pasta, pizza, sandwiches…

  5. neat way to use up peppers!

    i also love to cook when i get cold! its a good excuse to bake 🙂

  6. That’s really cool, I’ve never roasted a pepper before. Hmm I’d probably end up using them for sandwiches, wraps, salads, pasta…

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