Fall has its good points…

Not ready for fall.  My big problem with fall?  I hate pants.  Hate ’em.  But fall starts to get all cold and rainy and I’m stuck wearing pants for months and months.  I just want to wear dresses and flip flops.

But fall does have good points too.  The biggest one being food 🙂

And coats.  I love coats.  Coat weather I’m excited for.  I own way too many (just in coats-wool coats, not jackets or soft shells or anyhing-2 or 3 black coats, a green coat, a white coat, a red plaid coat, a black and white plaid coat… and i took at least 3 to goodwill last year.)

Anyways, the food.  We have no AC which means it’s been a long time since yummy colder weather food has been a good choice.  Last night was chili!  Basically, I  chopped up lots of yummy peppers and tomatoes and added them to beans and meat and spices


And cooked until it turned into this


Not so secret ingredient?


And cinnamon.  Cinnamon is my lifeblood.

I put sour cream and a little cheese on mine


Plus cornbread on the side.

DSCN3053(Sidenote-Bob’s Red Mill makes whole grain cornmeal…a lot of other cornmeals aren’t. We use Bob’s.)

We started talking about fall food while we ate.  Roasts, chicken pot pie, stew…. That part of fall I’m now looking forward to.

I’m also looking forward to forcing the fiance to this again:

The Little People Big World pumpkin patch!   Last year me, the fiance, my roommate, and my little brother all went.  You have to drive to the middle of nowhere, and then because everyone else is trying to go there too you’re stuck in traffic forever…. And my fiance had never watched the show so was just totally mystified by the whole thing.   (That is Amy Roloff.  She’s on the phone with our mom, saying hi.  We saw someone else do it first, so we think it was ok to do)

And today I’ve been busy taking care of all the fruit from my fam.  Some was washed and put into the fridge


And some was chopped up to be frozen. I can have nectarine chunks in my oats this winter!


I talked to my daddy last night and he kept saying how he was sorry he didn’t send enough.  My family doesn’t quite understand what “enough” means I think…

What are you excited to cook now that it’s starting to feel more like fall?


2 responses to “Fall has its good points…

  1. i have a problem with too many coats too. ive noticed that my collection of trench coats are growing, but my actual winter jackets with the lining and all are quite abundant. you cant have too many when living in pullman where the winters are harsh :S

    that’s so cool that you guys met Amy Roloff. One of these days we’ll have to take a drive down to their pumpkin patch.

  2. Chocolate sounds like a tasty secret

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