I’m kind of a big deal…

You know, I don’t want to brag or anything, but I’m pretty important.  I mean, just last night, I went to the movies with an NBA player.  You know, no big thing, its just how I roll.

And by “roll” I mean we were driving into Bridgeport Village when I saw a really tall guy and my fiance went “Hey that’s Greg Oden!”


Yup, it was.  And when we were in line for tickets he was two people behind us.  Which led to me going “look!  Greg Oden’s in our line!” several times.  (In my defense, once at the farmers market Keri freakin Russel was in line with us to get biscuts.  And the fiance DID NOT POINT IT OUT.  So I was making sure to point out that Greg Oden was in line with us so I could continue to give him crap about not telling me we had breakfast with Felicity)

photo(His shoes are HUGEEEE)

Before the movie we got Mexican at a place right by where I went to school for my masters.  When I was in school we’d have Saturday classes from 8 to 5.  And sometimes we’d go to this place to drink recharge on our lunch break.   They bring out refried beans AND salsa for you to dip your chips in.


Also, for two years I lived in a neighborhood where there were no blended drinks.  And sometimes, I like to be klassy and have a slurpee like cocktail.  So I get really excited when I can. Let’s not judge.

I got grilled chicken of some sort.  Mostly, I saw it came with guacamole and sour cream and I was sold.  Only ate one of the pieces of chicken.  But I cleaned up on those rice and beans!


We got movie snacks.


And bough a soda.  This is a medium.


Not kidding, medium.

Greg Oden wasn’t in our movie.  Which is good, because can you imagine trying to sit behind him?

And now I’m eating a yummy breakfast


It’s an oat bran + oats + flax mix with TWO nectarines and a ton ton ton of cinnamon.  And tea in a really cool mug that I totally understand if you’re jealous of.

What famous people have you seen?  Last year, we saw the mom from Little People Big World.  But we went to their farm to find them, so that wasn’t exactly surprising like Greg Oden at the movies.


4 responses to “I’m kind of a big deal…

  1. I was about to say I never see anyone, but I just saw Emma Watson yesterday, so I guess that’d be a lie
    I’m so jealous you’ve been to the Roloff far, lol, I love that show

  2. I saw Brenden Fraser eating lunch at the Getty in LA and one of the Olson twins buying sugar free gum at LAX a few years ago. Two celebrities, one business trip. Win!

  3. I’ve never seen anyone! My aunt used to live in the same building that Mel Gibson owned a condo in…but I’m not even sure she ever saw him!

  4. Chris claims Greg hangs at Bridgeport all the time. His friend saw him at the sushi bar in Whole Foods. I just found your blog, by the way, and I LOVE IT!!!

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