Baby came back

Monster baby was over again today!

She’s a fun monster.  She’s learned how to make a face on command:

DSCN3042She can smile too

DSCN3038Isn’t her little tuft of hair great?

We went to laughing planet with my bro, his wife, and baby for lunch.  It’s a great place-it’s food that always makes my tummy happy.  It’s very Portland-you can get vegetarian, or add temphe, tofu, or chicken.  The fact that there are more non-meat options than meat is amusing.  And they have lots of local/organic/sustainable stuff.  Plus they serve good beer!  The fiance got a Double Mountain of some sort, which we haven’t ever seen anywhere but their brewery in Hood River.

I had a bowl with veggies, brown rice, pinto beans, and chicken.

0907091238-02(I ate some before I remembered to take a picture)

Baby ate a dinosaur.


And now I’m making our dinner-Chili!

It’s finally starting to be good weather for things like this.  I love fall/winter foods…. Chili and stew and roast and all sorts of yumminess.  Plus, this uses some of my giant produce stash!

DSCN3043Might get to see baby again in a few days-they’re headed down to the coast, but they’ve gotta go back home on Wednesday, so they’ll be through town.  I like getting some baby time!

Do you have any nieces/nephews?  Monster baby is my only one so far!


6 responses to “Baby came back

  1. cute niece! we always find a reason to make chili, even if it’s not cold. chili is a household must for a us!

  2. Love love love the Monster Baby’s hair. 🙂 Mercifully I have no nieces/nephews – my siblings are waaaay too young to have kids yet!

  3. April (Foods of April)

    Aww what an adorable little critter!

    I love fall foods too..especially chili since I love my spicy!!

  4. Oh no…I don’t have any nieces or nephews, but I don’t doubt I’ll have one sooner than I know even though my bro is younger than me…Can’t wait! Hope they are as cute as yours!

  5. lol … i do love the hair :p
    i cant wait for it to get cold so i can make a big pot of turkey chili .. mmm

  6. she is so cute!

    no nieces and nephews yet, but I’m hoping in the next couple of years it will happen!

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