Truck Doughnuts!

Unrelated to anything, but my hometown was in the New York Times Travel section.  Weird.  Not a travel destination, but ok….

Oh, and I switched up what fruit I couldn’t wait to eat.  Madness!


We went to First Friday in Multnomah Village last night.  It was awesome for two reasons:

1.  Free wine

2.  Doughnuts from a truck!


There’s a big pink truck that sells Voodoo Doughnuts that goes all over Portland.  We found it!

Look at those choices-they’ve got crazy flavors.   And vegan doughnuts, because this is Portland.


We had an all american dinner:  steak and potatoes!


Plus salad.


I made drinks with our fines glassware


(Before you say it’s not, we won these at an arcade in Seaside.  And the amount of money we spent winning them made them cost more than any other stuff we own)

Then the doughnuts!

I just got a Portland Cream


But the fiance got….


The bacon bar! Yes, real bacon.

And now I’m off for breakfast at Wild Abandon with Kersten!

Do you trust truck food?  I love taco trucks, but one time I had a friend say “you know they’ve been spitting in the food all day, but it’s still sooo good!”.  That killed my love for a while.


7 responses to “Truck Doughnuts!

  1. ah, I’ve heard so much about voodoo donuts! their flavors are so cool.

    we don’t really have any “truck food” here, so I don’t know if I would eat it!

  2. Please tell me that the donut the bacon is on is vegan. 😉

    There’s a hot dog place near me that makes a contradiction dog – a veggie dog topped with beef chili. Paradoxalicious!

  3. apples are my fav .. obvs :p
    those donuts look intense!

  4. Vegan Donuts? Interesting! Sounds like something for Unwrapped on the Food Network, lol

  5. Haha, just had truck food the other day. I don’t really care, I just need them to be cheap and tasty! I think I read abt the bacon donut from Voodoo somewhere…thought is was rather gross BUT very fascinating! Would definitely be up for a try!

  6. Voodoo Donuts has a *van*? I was so excited when Zupans across from my acupuncturist started selling Voodoo Donuts because it’s the only time I actually have access to Voodoo Donuts (I’m pretty much housebound). But a van…that has even more potential.

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