Rose City Till I Die…

Zevia giveaway!  Less than 4 hours!

DSCN2944(you know you want a shirt…also, what’s going on with my hair in this picture?  It’s not that color.)

We had a very minimal amount of time to get to the game, so we decided to eat fresh for dinner last night.  I got a kids meal as I’m *that* mature.


Ate my sandwich (turkey, pretty much all the veggies, on wheat), with some cantaloupe.

Got a yogurt with my kids meal too.  Hadn’t had sweetened yogurt in forever.  It tasted weird.


Also, wtf at the toy.  It does nothing.  It’s Dance Dance Revolution?  Wtf.


Games mean beer.


Life lessons:  on Thirsty Thursdays Miller is $2.  But, good beer is $3.75.  Unless you’re trying to down 8 before halftime I recommend splurging.  We drank way too much Miller Light before we figured this out.   We had Deschute’s Green Lake Organic Ale.  Since it’s organic I’m pretty sure it made me healthier.

Big crowd.

DSCN2951When someone from the other team is down you get to hold up your scarves.  One side says “No Pity” and you get to yell things like “there’s no pity in the rose city”… Also, “shoot him like a horse!”.  Soccer fans are klassy folks.


This is what happens when there’s a goal.


That’s the Timbers Army.  They’re a big giant cheering section.  They’re also quite sober.  We used to sit there until we realized that *next* to them were seats with cup holders for our beer.  Also, you could sit.

I generally have no idea what’s going on in sporting events.  I played tennis in high school.  That’s as sporty as I get.  I like the idea of soccer of course.  And I do like yelling, so the games are fun.

Do you watch any sports?

One response to “Rose City Till I Die…

  1. What a crowd! I pretty much only watch track and olympic gymnastics. I did go to my first minor league baseball game a few days ago, and I had a pretty good time. It would have been even better if they’d had organic beer. 🙂

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