I’m not above judging…


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.  Nectarines = crack.

If you notice, whenever I post these there’s always a bite out of them.  Because once I pick it up I can’t wait for a bite.  Or three.  Seriously. crack. Let’s not judge.

Had some of the zucchini bread too


Yummmm.  I might have added frosting.  You can judge me for that.

I went to the store and in my head I turned on the rice cooker before I left.  Um, turns out plugging in and turning on are different.  Whoops.  I was in the honors program in college.  It shows.

I made some sort of a mexican rice bowl thang for lunch


Rice, spinach, beans, seasoned beef, tomatoes, avocado, raw corn, little bit of cheese, and sour cream.  I put the spinach between hot rice and hot beans so it wilted it a little, but it’s not cooked…

All mixed up.  Yum!


Apparently the last tenent where I lived has a birthday coming up!  I’m holding in my urge to open these and see if they’ve got money.  Return to sender. Opening mail is against the law. People would judge.

DSCN2970(See my mad Photoshop iPhoto skills?  Can’t make out the address-that was allll me.  That’s the extent of my skills in that area.  Need Photoshop.)

And on to judging-I have a little brother.  He’s 19.  One of his friends is dating someone I dated.  His friend is, like him, 19.  My ex?  27.  And has two kids. He works at Fred Meyer and goes to community college.  So many questions out of this.  What 27 year old dates teenagers?  What teenager thinks it’s a good idea to date someone with two kids?  When did this guy have another kid?  I saw him 6 months ago and he didn’t mention another one… which brings up the question, is he ashamed that he got another girl pregnant?  Why did I date such trashy people?  Am I bad person for judging?  (No.)

On a less judging note:  my fruit bowl makes me happy

DSCN2974Sometimes I feel like I have way more food in our house than we need.  And I judge myself a little.   But we eat a lot.  And I never judge myself for eating.

How much fruit do you keep around?


5 responses to “I’m not above judging…

  1. I always find it endearing when older couples seem to have found love despite a big age gap, but at that age and when they’re at such different points in life it’s just weird

    • If both parties can go out for a drink together, I’m less likely to judge an age difference. when they’re both real adults, do what you want. but i was not an adult when i was 19…
      usually when guys in their late 20s are dating teenage girls it’s because girls their own age won’t put up with their crap, and their refusal to grow up… and i just like judging my exs. 🙂

  2. hey I just found your blog and really love it! i live in Washington state, and im glad to have found another PNW blogger.

  3. Yeah I’m not above judging either. I agree with your response to Evan – so often this situation just means skeezy guy preying on naive girl. Gross!

    But I don’t judge you for putting frosting on zucchini bread. I never judge frosting. Ever.

  4. LOVELY fruit bowl!

    i dont judge you for wanting to add frosting .. sometimes its the only thing that can mend healthy baking oops, other than the trash can!

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