Far more productive afternoon…

Made some tuna on whole wheat toast with a spinach hat:

DSCN2924(with my new plate!)

And I have been cleaning like a mad lady today!

My cupboards/pantry were out of CONTROL so look what I did:


Yeah, I have stocked cupboards.  I buy when stuff is on super sale-like, free after coupons pasta sauce-so I end up with stashes of things.  The top shelf is extra cereal, salad dressing, instant mashed potatoes, some of my massive jam stash, tea, all sorts of stuff.  And below it is baking stuff (the white crate holds powdered sugar, baking powder, cupcake papers, etc), and snacks.  I did two cupboards too!

DSCN2926Left is canned soup, and breakfast stuff (PB, oatmlea, cereal), the right is spices, sweetener, oil etc, and canned tomato sauce.

I know it’s not exciting to you, but seriously, I’m proud of my cleaning… It’s a big improvement over the “shove everything in and cross my fingers it doesn’t fall” thang we had going on.  Sometimes I didn’t cross my fingers hard enough.  Ouch.

And guess what i got in the mail today?

DSCN2932A Zevia shirt!  If you’re a winner in the giveaway I think this is what you’ll get!  It’s one of the nice super soft American Apparel ones… All cozy and worn in and a little vintage looking.  Loves it!

And then, shocking, guess what I snacked on

DSCN2928They’re my crack.  Mmm.  Crack.

We’re going to the Timbers tonight!  Almost two years ago, I’d just moved to Portland, and after shotgunning PBR in a parking lot outside the stadium, kissed my roomate who I’d met the week before.

….and we’re getting married next summer.  Ahh good times.

You know it’s true love when your relationship starts out here:

And, remember, drinking is good for your health!


4 responses to “Far more productive afternoon…

  1. I love the new plate! Target???
    Good job on the cleaning–I love an organized pantry!

  2. One of my girlfriends married her PDX roomie – now we joke that she met her husband on Craigslist. I ate a nectarine today and all I could think was “crack.” Thanks!

  3. I do the same exact thing.. my pantry and freezer is full of goodies because I’m a sale freak!

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