Tastes so good


Look how cute the “cupcakes” turned out!  The fiance totally loved his zucchini “cupcakes”.  He ate two.  And a slice of the zucchini bread.  And took another “cupcake” in his lunch.  I was pretty proud of him.  He kept saying “my brain is telling me I shouldn’t like this, because it’s full of disgusting things, but it tastes so good!”

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Gotta show this off because I’m amused… This is what I bought with eleven bucks at the grocery store:


(That’d be three boxes of cereal, two granola nut things, a giant watermelon, two bottles of salad dressing, a thing of smart balance, a thing of smart balance PB, and a chicken)

We had mexican food for dinner last night.  I put zucchini in my taco meat.


I need to do something with it… It worked.  It was a good thing I added the extra veggies too… because then this happened:

When I was getting the lettuce out for dinner A MOTH FREAKING FELL OUT OF THE BAG.  I screamed.  A lot.  Then hid on the couch until the fiance threw the lettuce away and took the garbage OUTSIDE so  I knew the moth was really gone.  No picture, because I was busy cowering.  Should’ve taken one I guess-to show the grocery store.  Live and learn.  No lettuce at dinner either.

So, I made a quesidilla thing.  Cheese, avocado, olives, meat mixed with zucchini.  On the pan till it’s crunch outside…. Mmm crunch.


Plus rice beans and corn.  But no salad!


This morning I snacked on a slice of zucchini bread (this is from my baby sized pan, so it’s all little and adorable!) and got my booty to the gym.


Now I’m thinking about how I need to go buy more lettuce, but I am seriously going to make the fiance tear it all up and wash it and assure me there are no bugs.  I’m still freaked out.

Have you ever found bugs in food?


3 responses to “Tastes so good

  1. Those cupcake/muffins whatever look so good. I swear, put icing on anything and anyone will eat it.
    That moth thing would have weirded me out, and that usually takes a lot

  2. How on earth did you get all that food for $11??? You must be some kind of coupon ninja!

    I’ve definitely gotten bugs in lettuce before. I like to think of it as a sign that the food is organic and/or healthy – if a bug considers it food too, then it must not be too pesticide-y.

  3. A long, long time ago I was eating a pita wrap from a local fast food joint when a frickin’ beetle crawled out of my wrap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Of course this was after I ate like half of the wrap. I wigged out, nearly threw up, and never ate that again. Sometimes I find a dead bug when I wash lettuce. Pretty rarely, but still kinda weirds me out.

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