Zucchini Bread of Not-Doom

So I’ve never made zucchini bread before (I think we just ate the zucchini growing up?) and when I started looking at recipes I was kinda freaked out.  In my head zucchini bread has vegetables, it should be good for you.  Um.  2 cups of sugar, 1 cup of oil, and while flour?  Yikes.

So I made up my own recipe, that will hopefully kill me a little less.  It’s got half the calories and a fifth of the fat (cause, there was enough fat to cut 80% out!), and over 3 times the fiber.

My big substitutions were:  yogurt for oil, cutting down sugar and replacing some with agave, using flax instead of eggs, and whole wheat pastry flour instead of white.  I’ve written the whole recipe here… Basically…

Flax egg:  1 part flax: 3 parts water. I let this sit while I mixed the rest of the stuff up.


Everything except flax egg, zucchini, and nuts in a bowl.  It was really stiff when I mixed it, just a warning.


I added in the “egg” and stirred, then the zucchini and the nuts.


Ready to go!  (I have some kinda super large bread pans, so I did one big pan and one baby one).

DSCN2858And all done!

DSCN2861And it totally tastes good!  Yay for successful recipe tweaking!

I threw together a grilled cheese sammi and some cantaloupe (Does anyone else have a terrible time trying to spell cantaloupe?  Or do I just have issues?)


and then went to work on the fiance’s zucchini baking.  He said if I made him cupcakes he’d eat them.  So, cupcakes it is.

They’re baked, and full of chocolate chips.  Just need to make frosting.  (I did switch out wheat flour for white and yogurt for oil, so these aren’t too terrible, just sugary).

DSCN2864Chocolate has antioxidants, and frosting has…. um…. delicious sugar.  So they’ll totally be good for him.

Have you ever been surprised at just how caloric a healthy sounding food was?  Last time I felt like this was the day I discovered the croissant with bacon and avocado at Red Robin had fewer calories than their chicken Caesar wrap. That was a beautiful day, because now when I go there I can have bacon and croissant without feeling bad.

ps-never look up the nutrition info on Clucks and Fries at Red Robin and ponder just how many times you ate that in high school.  Just don’t do it.


6 responses to “Zucchini Bread of Not-Doom

  1. I’m always tweeking recipes and getting smack for it. But carrot cake does NOT need 1 cup of oil despite what allrecipes says.

    • yeah, the zucchini recipe was calling for 1 cup of oil too! I subbed out yogurt-it seems to keep a good texture, you just need to add a little baking soda to counteract the acidity of it in the rise…
      Seriously, bread full of vegetables should not have 11 grams of fat per slice. Just shouldn’t.

  2. Yum, zucchini bread and cupcakes! Both sound great, but I know what you mean about the nutrition stats/ingredients. I’ve totally looked up the foods I’ve eaten on restaurants’ websites and just about died. Don’t ever look up things at Olive Garden. Haven’t eaten there since I found out what I was consuming!!

  3. hey, i found your blog through hangrypants! that bread looks tasty! i love love love the zucchini bread at starbucks, but the nutritionals, i don’t love so much. this version looks good and good for you!

  4. that zucchini bread looks great!

  5. those cupcakes look yum! oh silly boys, my dad wont eat anything healthy i bake unless it has chocolate or frosting slathered all over it so he cant taste the “healthy” lol

    what a pile of BS :p

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