Street Food

Lessons in life:  I am not too good to take food from the side of the road.  Ever.  Even when my fiance is totally judging.

On our way to look at houses last night (we were revisiting our two favorites) I saw a bag that said “free veggies” on it.  I pulled the car over and started yelling “get it!  Get it!” at my fiance, who stared at me like I was a crazy person, but obliged.  Inside the bag was this:


Yes friends, that is a bag full of zucchini.  And yes, we took it home. Mmm, street food.

I promised the fiance I’d make him zucchini “cupcakes”-you can’t say muffins apparently.  He said if I made cupcakes he’d eat it.  So I’m going to use my newfound veggie stash to make him cupcakes, and me some bread today.

After the houses we had this for dinner:


Salmon, green beans, brown rice.  I really love plain rice sometimes.  Mmm, carbs.


Plus a salad.  Mmm salad.


And wine.  Mmm booze.

(Fun story:  one time my fiance went to this winery with his dad.  He came back and told me this story of how the old man who ran the winery gave this long spiel about how he had blue labels because “women just love blue lables.  You put a blue label on wine, women are going to buy it”  The fiance was totally judging the man for thinking women were so simple.  Then we saw the wine at the story and I went “oh, I bought that cause the label was so pretty!”.  I am every marketer’s dream.)

Then I sat on the couch and complained that we needed more fruit (we were down to 2 nectarines, one apple that i think is going to suck, and some grapes.   Oh and berries.  Whoops, forgot about those).  So we went to Safeway.  Which was stupid because the produce there sucks.  I left with some bananas and a cantaloupe.  I made this for dessert when we got home:


Banana (there’s a whole banana in there, it’s just party buried under the cereal), honey nut cherrios, cinnamon, milk.  I go through phases where I hate bananas, but even then I’ll eat them with cherrios.  Mmm, cereal.

I made breakfast to go because I wanted to make sure I got my booty to the gym today-if I’m already dressed and have breakfast after I drop the fiance off it’ll be hard to not go.


Half a whole wheat waffle, almond butter mixed with cinnamon and agave to dip it in.  And coffee.  Mmm, coffee.

Went the gym and at a banana after.  Didn’t take a picture because I was too busy staring at the fact that there were SEVEN Prius (Priuses?  Pruisi?) in the parking lot.  This lot holds like maybe 40 cars.  And wasn’t full.  Insane!  The fiance and I have a game with counting Prius(es? Seriously, I want to know the proper plural now).  I am so winning today. Mmm, winning.

Don’t forget to enter the Zevia contest!  The fiance has been asking me if he can enter… He’s really bummed I’m giving away free soda instead of getting free soda.


4 responses to “Street Food

  1. I’ve never heard of roadside zuchinni but I’m going to keep my eye out from now on.

  2. I would like to thank you for improving my lunch. I was halfway through a pb/almond butter/banana sandwich when I saw your picture of cereal with bananas and cinnamon, and I dove into the cupboard to put cinnamon on my sandwich. Made it a million times better.

    And I love that you found some roadside veg. Awesome.

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