Zevia Giveaway!

I told you guys this weekend how I had Zevia with my lunch on Saturday…

Well…. They are offering out some FREE Zevia to not one, not two, but THREE readers.

Zevia is soda made with stevia, instead of sugar, corn syrup, splenda, etc.  It’s got no calories, no artificial flavors, etc…  I get it at Whole Foods and New Seasons here in Portland, and they’re also sold in stores all over the country-you can check it more about it on their site.  To me they taste a little less sweet than a normal soda, but that isn’t a bad thing 🙂 And they’re Seattle based, further fueling my belief that anything I can need comes from the Pacific Northwest…

So what can you win?

1 Grand Prize winner gets a mixed case of Zevia (that’s 24 cans!) and a T-Shirt

2 runners up get a mixed 6 pack (one of each flavor) of Zevia, and a T-Shirt.

Want to enter?  You can enter 3 times!  Here’s how it works:

1.  First, leave a comment here, telling me what flavor sounds the best to you (I haven’t tried the black cherry, and I really want to!)

2.  If you want another entry, mention this giveaway on your blog with a link to it, and leave me a comment that you did

3.  For a third entry, on Twitter put up a message that says: RT: @eating_machine is giving away free @zevia http://wp.me/pB8Kq-9A and leave a comment letting me know you entered.

I’ll randomly draw 3 winners on Friday at noon!   Good Luck!


24 responses to “Zevia Giveaway!

  1. I love black cherry, so that would be what I want too!

  2. Tweet, tweet!

  3. Ginger ale always reminds me of being home and comfy, so I’d like to try that!

  4. Tweeted!

  5. I love the orange flavored one

  6. Exciting! I would love to try the root beer. I don’t drink pop at all these days, but occasionally I really miss root beer.

  7. YUM!
    I like orange or LEMON! love citrus

  8. OHHH, I want to try the orange and the black cherry. Makes me think back to all the Faygo Sodas I used to drink when I visited my fam up North as a kid. haha


  9. 2nd Entry

    I am linking you in next post (will be up in about 5 min.)


  10. ginger ale fo sho

    hope everyone is having an awesome day

  11. I linked this morning

  12. I think the black cherry sounds yummy! What an awesome giveaway!

  13. Root beeeeeeeeeer!!! 😀

  14. Root Beer sounds delish! I’ve been looking for a splenda alternative in diet sodas! yay!

  15. Mm! I love Zevia! My favorite is Cola, but the only one I haven’t tried yet is the Twist.

  16. I would love to try the Natural Twist Zevia flavor! What a super giveaway!

  17. So far I’ve tried Orange, Black Cherry, Root Beer, and Cola. I think my favorite so far is Black Cherry mixed with Cola. Very yummy. The root bear isn’t as good as Virgils, but it makes a decent enough root beer float.

    Haven’t tried the Ginger Ale (didn’t see it in the store) or Natural Twist yet.

    Zevia is GREAT! I can finally drink soda again. Though it’s a bit spendy on my food stamps so it’s still an occasional treat, though something I can have a couple of times a week rather than maybe once every other month as is the case with regular sugary soda.

    I have tweeted the Twitter message (BehindaSurface). Will see what I can do about a blog post.

  18. Root Beer sounds best to me!

  19. ooh, root beer and ginger ale are a tie!!! I’ve never seen these! they sound great.

  20. hmm i would probably try the cola first, but black cherry also sounds delicious!

  21. i tweeted this as well.

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