Nectarines are my crack.

We made it to the doctor!  Well, a nurse actually, but still.  The fiance doesn’t have strep or mono, so basically he just needs to sleep and drink lots of water till he’s better.

On our way out the door I ate another nectarine.


Even better than the first one!

While he got his strep test I went to Target.  (pretty sure that’s more fun than the waiting room).  I got 48 cent lipgloss, and a tank top to replace an old, super decrepit one.  I did the math on the old tank top-I was 16 when I bough it, so that sucker is 8 years old.  Which would explain the fraying straps.  Sexy.

I wanted to use some of the farmers market veggies.  I chopped up part of this adorable little eggplant


It’s so little!  Which is good as (shocker) the fiance won’t touch eggplant.  I diced it up with some yellow summer squash and put them into a pan with salt, pepper, tomato sauce, and basil.  Topped with mozzerella and then put them on broil in the over.


It came out looking like this


I love how browned cheese tastes!  Is that weird?

I put a little bit of whole wheat rottini in the bottom of a bowl (Got at Target today-isn’t it a fun color?)


And put the veggie cheese goodness on top!


Yum!  I added the pasta because we’re going to look at houses again this afternoon, and I didn’t want to chance being hungry… I get grumpy then!

We’re having salmon again tonight (it’s on sale at New Seasons right now!)… If anyone has any good ideas for seasonings/cooking tips I’ll take ’em!

4 responses to “Nectarines are my crack.

  1. Oh my goodness!!! I love the way browned cheese tastes too! and I have a fiance that also does not like eggplant!!! when’s your wedding?

    I love Salmon and Dill…

  2. I love browned stuff–cheese, chips, toast, cookies, butter. Browner=tastier!

    I don’t go for the salmon, but my ex loved using dill pickle juice as a seasoning. Pour some over the fillets (or marinate them for a little while) and bake away!

  3. I poach my salmon – put fillet in a baking dish with 1/2 c water and 1/2 c wine or broth. Season however you wish, cover with some “tented” foil and bake at 350 for 30 minutes. Comes out perf. every time!
    Now I want to eat browned cheese for dinner.

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