Counteracting that Salad…

After the pound o’ salad for lunch yesterday, I went with possibly the least nutritionally sound dinner possible…

Fiance and I went to Old Market Pub.


We like new beer.  Lots to pick from.  We’d been advised to stay away from the more gimmicky ones (fruity, spicy, etc).


I had the Mulnomah Village Golden


He had the wheat


We had pizza with spicy cajun sausage


And pulled pork with fries.


Total health food.

A couple more drinks with dinner led to the problem of needing to get some fresh air for awhile before we drove home.  We walked to the grocery store.  Unfortunately, the grocery store has a liquor store inside.

We came home with this.


And made drinks

And pudding (from scratch!  not a mix!)


Needless to say, we needed carbs this morning.  Whole wheat waffles to the rescue!  My first try I might have misjudged how much batter to use.


Just a little off.

Mmmm waffles.


The fiance was nice enough to go get blueberries for mine!  Mmmm.


Farmers market time now!


3 responses to “Counteracting that Salad…

  1. Hahaha, amusing post. Waffles always remind me of Shrek.

  2. Sounds like a fun food day! Also, isn’t making pudding from scratch fun? That moment that it finally starts to really thicken in earnest, I always feel like some sort of culinary sorcerer!

  3. I LOVE Old market pub. I used to live across the street from it when I first moved to Portland. I never drank beer before I moved to OR. Then, I had their wheat beer and that’s when I found Jesus.

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