Salmon salmon salmon

True story:  I used to not be the biggest fan of salmon.

I’m not sure how I didn’t love this

DSCN2739But I didn’t.  And seeing as how I didn’t love it, and chicken is cheaper, I’ve just kinda avoided salmon for years.  Two things helped change that.  One:  I’m marrying a man who does like salmon, and I don’t want to deprive him of it (even if he may have a huge list of foods he hates).  Two:  most of my extended family loves salmon (I had an aunt and uncle who were for quite a while vegetarians except for salmon and bacon), and I don’t want to turn down what I’m being served when I’m at someone else’s for dinner. So when my cousin served up salmon a few weeks ago while we were over, I ate it.  And then, a few weeks later we were there again, and she served it again.  And it wasn’t as bad as I remembered.  So, I told the fiance we could have it for dinner last night.

What I really liked about my cousin’s salmon was that it had a kind of sweet rub on top that gave it a yummy sugary glaze.  It’s entirely possible that you could coat anything in sugar and I’d eat it.  But let’s not judge.  I googled and ended up using this recipe.  Look how pretty it was before I put it in the oven

DSCN2720(a little bit of butter, and then brown sugar, black pepper, and lemon pepper.  The recipe said to use onion powder but we didn’t have any so I chopped up onions.  The fiance’s were removed before serving so that he didn’t die 🙂 )

The whole meal was very northwest and super tasty.  We had potatoes with this stuff on them

DSCN2731(It was black pepper, garlic, dried parsley, and some other stuff I’m forgetting.  It’s from World Market) They were amazing

DSCN2734Yummy yummy super fresh green beans

DSCN2743And of course the salmon.  All together:

DSCN2740I’d never cooked salmon before, and whenever I make new things I get really nervous that they won’t be good.  I didn’t need to worry-that recipe is a keeper!  And oh my goodness I love green beans.  Fresh, local green beans at that!  Mmmmm.  Good dinner, happy tummy.

I snacked on this after dinner

DSCN2746It was on sale.  And I wanted to see if they were telling the truth on the “tart” part of it.  I had it with raspberry jam.  Jam on ice cream is delicious, I swear.  My fiance thinks it’s super weird.

DSCN2747It wasn’t like full on yogurt tart, but it was more tart than normal fro yo.  Not bad for 2 bucks.

This morning I got up and munched on this while I waited for the fiance to wake up….

DSCN2759Really, is there anything better than apples cinnamon and nut butter?

And we’ve still got two days of weekend!  Yesterday felt like a Saturday, so we’re a little confused today 🙂

What’s a food you used to hate that you now love?  Salmon is obviously one for me!


4 responses to “Salmon salmon salmon

  1. when i was a kiddie i used to hate salmon b/c i once got sick after eating it. boy was i a dumb kid.

  2. That sounds like a great recipe! I heart salmon big time.

  3. I don’t think I ate fish until I was 16 or so, and now Salmon is my favorite fish/meat ever. I also tried lobster for the first time this summer, which is good but not worth the price if you dine out

  4. I used to hate avocados as a kid, and now love love love them. Not sure I love these things, but I definitely used to hate them and like them now: mushrooms, raw tomatoes, cauliflower (try it roasted–so yummy!), winter squash, sweet potatoes, and many more things. Branching out is fun! But, I’m not a salmon person. Tried it many ways over many years, but just can’t do it. The fishiness is not my friend.

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