Oven Toast

Last night when I got home from work I was tired from having to nurture (baby + sick fiance = whole lot of nurturing) and the fiance was tired from doing nothing being sick .  So we went to a grocery store for dinner.  We have quite the romantic date nights.

New Seasons has a noodle bar that lets you pick out all sorts of veggies and has a couple types of noodles and sauce.  It’s a lot like mongolian, but there’s no scary meat labeled as “95% boneless”  (There’s a place here that, no joke, has all the meat labeled as that.  Klassy.)

DSCN2674Know what always drives me crazy?  No matter how high the ratio of veggie:noodle is, my food always ends up looking like lots of noodles.  Anyways, that’s broccoli, carrots, onions, celery, mushrooms, sprouts, and some other stuff I’m forgetting with soba noodles and sweet thai sauce.

DSCN2675Plus some tea and a Willamette Week.  Romance, I’m telling you, romance.

If we’d seen this sign before we sat down we could’ve gotten drunk in the grocery store.  I’m kinda sad.

DSCN2676Cause really, getting drunk at New Seasons wouldn’t be the least classy place I’ve ever had one too many, let’s be honest.  (I’m looking at you, Denny’s Lounge, you.  Tequila + grand slam is never a good choice)

I finished maybe half my food, and got this to take home.

DSCN2684Greek Gods pomegranate yogurt.  Normally as long as you don’t read the nutrition information these are delicious.

Why shouldn’t you read the nutrition information?

DSCN2687mmm… enough saturated fat to kill a puppy!  I generally am done with yogurt halfway though anyways, so I figure it’s not killing me too badly.  But this stuff was… off.  Lame.  It had like a skin on top or something.  Ick ick ick.

I got up this morning to find that my fiance had put our leftovers on the kitchen table.  You know, 8 feet from the fridge.  Awesome.  I’m debating if it’s worth still eating.  Cause really, would you waste noodles?

I really just wanted toast for breakfast.  Oven toast.  Oven toast is the most delicious toast in the world.  It’s like normal toast, but made in the oven.  Tricky, I know.  But I swear, it tastes better.  Mostly because you can butter it before you toast it and then the buttery goodness is all melted in.  (This might also have to do with my not owning a toaster….).

DSCN2688Oven toast with my mommy’s jam, and a peach.

I’m still kinda bitter about the yogurt… I’m debating taking it back.  I couldn’t find any expiration date on it, which is kinda scary.   Do you ever take stuff back to the store?


2 responses to “Oven Toast

  1. If you think it was rotten and unproperly labeled, definitely email the company. At the least you should get a coupon for a free yogurt, although it doesn’t sound like you would want one after that experience. I don’t have full fat yogurt much, but when I do Liberte makes a lemon yogurt that’s pretty incredible and definitely a great dessert

  2. I say unrefrigerated leftover noodles are fair game. Meat or yogurt might be another story.

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