Still sick…

Continuing on our eating like a kid theme the sick fiance had grilled cheese and tomato soup.


We got this stuff at the grocery store on time, and then were pretty pumped to find 4 packs at Costco for a ridiculously good price… I made myself vegetable soup, because I figured the fiance would still be a sick face today so I wanted him to have choices on soup to eat while I was at work.


I always made way too much soup.  I was really trying to make like two servings and made a tonnn.  This is after I served up my huge bowl of it.


It’s got tomato-y broth, carrots, peas, corn, celery, onion, beans, and pasta.  Which I guess means I made minestrone soup?

I was extra nice and got white bread for the fiance.  He secretly loves white bread, and I almost never buy it.


I had whole wheat.  But didn’t take a picture because I was getting TIRED.

He also ate a bunch of peanut butter oreos.  Which he told me several times were terrible, and that I probably didn’t want any.

The fiance said he was going to maybe go to the doctor today, so he dropped me off at work.  If he goes to the Mac store instead I can smack him, right?

He said his throat hurt so I made him hot cocoa before we left

DSCN2666(Tea would make more sense, right?  Unfortunately as I’m marrying a 4 year old tea “tastes gross”)

At work I started with a super juicy peach

Photo 59While baby had this

0827090831-01Squash mixed with baby oatmeal!

I understand if you’re jealous of her breakfast…

I’m totally babying the fiance aren’t I?  I have some ultra mom instincts so I can’t help it!  Do you baby people (significant other, roommate, etc)  when they’re sick?

10 responses to “Still sick…

  1. aw, i hope ya feel better

    baby food looks like one of my favorite bfasts! i love mixing sweet potatoes with oats and cinnamon and maple syrup YUMMY.

  2. you’re so sweet to take care of him 🙂

  3. masteringpublichealth

    Hey, just found your blog from Carrots ‘n’ Cake. I was sick last week, too, and all I was in the mood for (if anything) were carbohydrates. You can visit my new blog for the whole sad story 🙂 Feel better!

  4. 4-packs of that soup at Costco is the best news I’ve heard all day.

    • I make no promises that it’s still there, but we’ve gotten it a few times. I think it was under 10 bucks for 4…
      it’s made in tualatin too… who knew anything came from tualatin?

  5. Dairy and I don’t get along so well so I pretty much never have them, but man grilled cheese sandwiches are good!

  6. i’m sick too – that soup and sandwich sounds perfect. so do peanut butter oreos…i didn’t know oreos made those!

    • They do… they’re kinda like non-chocolate coated girl scout peanut butter patties, if that makes sense 🙂
      i’m not a huge oreo fan, but these are actually pretty good…

  7. You’re taking care of your fiance pretty well over there.
    And lol my mom says she’s been feeling under the weather recently too so the first thing she grabbed at the store was a loaf of white bread. Sick people just have a taste for sugary refined bread it seems

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