“Help yourself to anything in the fridge”

I’ve been babysitting and nannying for a long long time.  And I’ve head “help yourself to anything in the fridge” a million times.  I gotta say, sometimes that’s a better option than others.

The best was a family I nannyed for right before I moved to Portland that always had a ton of fruit and veggies, good lunch meat, and bagels from the local bagel shop.  Always good lunches there!

Where I’m at today… not so much.  On a good day there’s cereal, white bread, and maybe lettuce.  Sometimes a can of tuna.  Their freezer is the fullest I’ve seen today:


Coffee, breastmilk, baby food, vodka, frozen burgers, edamame.  Bread!  That’s a first.  Not a whole lot else.  The fridge is about the same… Milk, a tiny bit of lunch meat, a britta, and more baby food.  When there’s not a lot of food I get worried I’m eating their dinner if I eat anything!

Here’s what they’ve got in the way of canned food.


Yeah.  I bring my lunch.  The most perplexing thing is this bottle of wine.  Which has been sitting, half consumed, for a month.


I almost want to rescue it-we don’t leave wounded soldiers on the field after all!  But, sometimes people are funny about drinking while you watch their kids.  (True story:  the last family I nannyed for before this one would, when I babysat at night, make me a drink before they left and then repeatedly make sure I knew where the beer was.  Sometimes they’d give me booze as gifts.  They were pretty awesome).

I made myself some grilled cheese, and instant coffee with cocoa mix added to make it taste good….


Fantastic discovery I made here earlier this summer because I wanted grilled cheese and they didn’t have butter-you can totally just spray the bread with cooking spray!  Way easier!


I ate while the baby napped.  The doggie had a nap too:


look at those legs in the air!

We went on a walk with the ergo carrier.  I’m a fan… but when it’s warm cuddling the baby like that gets extra warm 😦

And then I ate some leftover soup.  Too much soup.  Still a little warm from the walk.  Didn’t come near finishing.


Baby ate more too!

0827091323-03(peaches with baby oats-let’s be honest, we’ve all eaten this, just in a slightly less pureed form)

Now she’s napping while I am munching on this


(One of those naughty New Zealand apples with cinnamon and almond butter) Proof their house is lacking in some staples-I have to bring my own nut butter!  They literally have NONE!

And the fiance says he’s still tired and his throat hurts, but that his fever is gone!  That’s a good step… (I think he’s just happy that he gets to watch CNN and ESPN all day 🙂 )

Did anyone else ever babysit/nanny for people with empty fridges?  It wouldn’t be so bad if I wasn’t here for eleven hours!


4 responses to ““Help yourself to anything in the fridge”

  1. I’ve only babysat once. They had a pretty awesomely loaded cupboard but it was my first time so I wasn’t sure what I could get away with making myself without making it entirely obvious. Eventually I learned, whatever it is, you can blame it on the kids

  2. Almost everyone I babysit for has an empty fridge! I don’t know why!

  3. oohhh lord
    apples + cinnamon + nut butter = best.snack.ever

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