One, two, three…

Ok, first things first, this baby can dance better than me, and that makes me sad

Second, I need a job so that I have things to do besides watching babies on youtube.

Third, I think Andrea (who was seconded by Kersten) is right that I need to get my booty over to New Seasons.  My problem is that everything there is so delicious that I spend too much

Fourth, my lunch was a ridiculous amount of delicious veggies

DSCN2634Mmmm, zucchini.  Which, surprisingly, did not kill me dead.

I used some of the turkey from last night, and mixed that in a pan with the zucchini, some onions, broccoli, and chicken broth


For texture contrast (i.e. to make sure my lunch wasn’t all mush) I roasted a sweet tater and some cauliflower in the oven.  I put a little couscous (also leftover from last night) in the bottom, then the taters, then the mix of everything, then cauliflower and the three baby tomatoes that were ripe in the garden

DSCN2631Fifth, I’ve done pretty much nothing productive today.  So I’m going to do laundry, cause it’s one of the only chores I like.

Do you like any house chores?  (I should mention, I only like doing the laundry.  When it’s done I leave it in the basket until my fiance feels guilty and puts it away.  I’m a terrible housewife)


2 responses to “One, two, three…

  1. OMG!!! That baby is too cute!

  2. i don’t mind doing the laundry either, but I hate folding it!

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