Is it Fall?

Woke up this morning FREEZING!  We’re back to Portland weather-it’s raining and overcast.  It seriously feels like it’s fall already.

House hunting was fun!  To keep up our energy I packed snacks.

Grapes, banana, muffins, VitaRain.


We looked at three places.  First one had an awesome serial killer basement, where the third bedroom which “might not be legal” was.  True story, when the window is only 12 inches tall, pretty sure it’s not a legal bedroom (To be a bedroom a room needs a closet and a window that a firefighter can get through).  The next house was cute, but upstairs the fiance could barely stand up-it had slanted ceilings, which we love, but they slanted a little too much.  The third house was the big winner.

(Zillow stolen image!).  It’s HUGE-way more space than we could need, big lot, two fireplaces.  The things that sold me?  The yard has blackberries, pears, and plums growing.  And…. It has two kitchens.  Which is totally unnecessary, but awesome.  One is a summer kitchen, in the basement.  I’ve got a feeling as long as there aren’t offers in and it passes a home inspection this might be our house.  It needs some work-the people who used to live there really liked color.  Like, really liked.  Liked it so much that the kitchen is dark purple and lime green, and that leads into a bright red dining room, or you can go to the orange bedroom, or the green and red bathroom, or the baby blue bathroom where they painted the pipes green.

See, it looks really cool here, but this was like 5 years ago.  It’s faded, and bank owned now, so not as great.  But you get the idea of just how much color there is.

We got home and I got dinner finished.  It turned out pretty!


(Getting sappy for a minute.  When I was in high school I worked at the mall.  We closed at 7 on Sunday, so by the time we cleaned and I got home it was close to 8.  My family would have eaten dinner, but every week my daddy would make me some sort of little meal, in one of the white dishes I used tonight.  It’d be a little stew, or a pot pie, or coq au vin, or some other little meal.  My daddy has always loved that I’m the least picky eater in the family, and so I got a little spoiled.  My daddy is, obviously, pretty fantastic.  And I like using the little white dishes because it reminds me of that)

Close ups, cause I liked dinner that much

DSCN2587(Yellow is the sauce, not delicious fat if you were wondering 🙂 )


And a glass of wine.


You know I wasn’t going to skip dessert, right?


(brownie with ice cream, almond butter, and chocolate syrup)

Woke up today freezing, obviously, and downed coffee far too fast for there to be a picture.

Breakfast was tea (mmm warmth), and a flat out with almond butter, bananas, and jam.

DSCN2622I wanted raspberry jam, and all that was in the fridge was blackberry, so I rummaged through the cupboards to find more.

DSCN2619Um, a lot more.  My mommy makes fantastic jam (fruit from our yard + sugar + pectin.   Minimal ingredients, maximum fruit flavor).  I mentioned one time how much my fiance loves her jam one time.  She loves my fiance, so she started giving me jam EVERY time she saw me.  And not just one jar either.  I am set on jam for years.  I still don’t have this year’s stuff yet-there’s more to be added (apricot this year!).

DSCN2620I love this stuff.  I put it on ice cream sometimes.

My parents are fantastic when it comes to food.  Whenever I see them I get fresh produce or jam or my daddy makes me stew, or something else delicious.  Do your parents load you up on food?


3 responses to “Is it Fall?

  1. I’m nosy! What’s the RMLS #?

  2. Hope you get your house! I like the look of that kitchen, but not if it’s faded now. And that’s awesome your mom makes jam. That’s something I want to do but it seems rather extensive.

  3. that’s so exciting about the house! and even faded, I would LOVE having all those colors 🙂 plus that fruit in the backyard? Awesome.

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