Lost in Translation?

The couscous I bought last week has this as the cooking instructions:

“Frida Couscous is conceived according to an industrial UHT. (“Ultra” high temperature).  Heating instructions:  In one vapor cooking of about 10 minutes. ”

The french directions made more sense, where at least they tell you to steam it, rather than “vapor cooking” it.

I had a busy morning.  Did some heavy reading

DSCN2571 And some heavy drinking

DSCN2569I had a visit from my cousin, her husband, and their two year old.  The two year old also was bribed with brownie to go potty.  Which I think means I can have a brownie every time I pee today.  Score.

After they left I had a quick snack

DSCN2572(the rest of the tuna from breakfast, on crackers.)

And I got to work in the kitchen… We’re looking at some more houses tonight, so I’ve got dinner 90% done, so that it won’t be 9:00 before we eat. Tonight’s dinner will be couscous, turkey with lemon-y sauce on it, carrots, and broccoli.  I bought Italian parsley, because it’s pretty, and it’s on everything.  I’ve found I might as well go all out when I buy something like parsley, because otherwise I use half and the rest ends up rotting.  Plus, I really do like how it looks.

I “vapor cooked” some couscous

DSCN2573Chopped the broccoli

DSCN2576Cooked the turkey (it’s a pound and a half of turkey?  in the oven?  Not pretty, not worth trying to get a good picture), and made the sauce

DSCN2574(Lemon juice, parsley, bullion, corn starch, etc) Which then went over some carrots I chopped

DSCN2578I’m going to put some turkey on top of that, and more sauce. That goodness will get thrown in the oven for a few while the broccoli steams and we’ll be good to go!

How much dinner prep do you do before it’s actually dinner time?  Some days I do a ton, like today, and others I’m throwing it all together at 6:45…

4 responses to “Lost in Translation?

  1. I go through insane phases, cooking for 1-2 hours a night and then literally just heating something in the micro for 3 minutes. Tonight was a four-minute and thirty-second night, to be exact. (Did you say you had tuna for breakfast??)

  2. i’m very 30-min meal style, doing it for the 30-40 minutes right before i eat and deciding about an hour before what it will be

  3. I’ve spent wayyy too much time reading the instructions on food at the super market in China town. Sometimes I wonder how they can get things so wrong in translation, but it’s amusing nonetheless

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