The most wonderful time of the month…

… isn’t right now.  But, right now is the time where I can and will eat everything I see.  (Except samples of go-gurt at Costco.  That stuff is gross.)

After wandering Fred Meyer for a good half hour the fiance asked me what on earth I was looking for.  “Something delicious and salty.  Or maybe sweet.  Maybe we should get bacon?  And a cookie?  And some chips?  Oh and ice cream!”

Awesome.  Thanks hormones.  I reminded myself of important facts (Facts that were more along the lines of “Those cookies are not tasty, and will make your tummy hurt” and “you’re not going to be patient enough to cook bacon when you’re suddenly craving salt” than “An apple would be a healthier choice!”)  I got whole grain Ritz (which I am pretending means they’re good for me, don’t burst that bubble) and this

DSCN2541Which I tore into as soon as we got home.  (Not going to lie, I was staring jealously at the 3 year old who had convinced her mom to open a pack of goldfish crackers in the store.  Mmm store food).

DSCN2542Yum!  Isn’t the plate cute?  When we moved in together we kept mostly my dishes because they weren’t ugly matched and got rid of almost all the fiance’s stuff-this plate was one of the only things we kept.  We’ve got bowls that match too.

Of course, cheese and crackers won’t be enough.  I need…. more cheese!

Well, cream cheese that is.  On brownies.  Mmmmm.


(If you make cream cheese brownies all you do is make normal brownies, and then for the cream cheese part it’s just an egg, 1/3 c sugar, and 8 oz of cream cheese all beaten together spooned on top)

DSCN2545So much cream cheese-y goodness!

While the brownies cook I decidedly cried.  Because the fiance had used the wrong garbage bag in the kitchen garbage can.  Ah hormones.

Now the fiance is making dinner (I think in hopes I won’t start crying again) and I’m eating this:

DSCN2550What’s your favorite “I’m hormonal food?”

Mine, clearly, is anything with saturated fat.


3 responses to “The most wonderful time of the month…

  1. brownies always make it better 🙂 anything chocolate is definitely my “hormones are going crazy”

  2. I’ve never made cream cheese brownies but now I really want to, especially since the cream cheese part sounds so simple

    • It’s not hard at all! In fact, my fiance did the cream cheese, and he’s often hopeless in the kitchen 🙂
      I just used a normal mix and added that stuff in… Hardly any more work, and they look fancy too!

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