Sunday Afternoon

I love Sundays… We never seem to have much to do.  It’s a day for Costco and church and reading the paper…

I found this in the ads today, is it not super creepy?

DSCN2532Depressed baby wearing bunny ears… 5 1/2 inches tall, 40 bucks AND buying it puts you into some sort of creepy baby of the month club.

For some reason the fiance didn’t want to buy it for me.

I scarfed this down before we went to church

DSCN2533Oats on top of a ton of berries, with almond butter, and chai to drink.  I’m loving all my berries!

Our sink has some sort of a funky smell, so I tried this to fix it:  baking soda

DSCN2536plus vinegar

DSCN2537And I washed it down with boiling water.  We’ll see.  Anyone know any good sink stank tips?

Lunch was thrown together from stuff in the fridge.


Whole wheat spaghetti, chickpeas, broccoli, tomatoes, peas, corn, basil, olives, and some parm on top.  Mine had olives, the fiance’s of course did not.  April mentioned it last time I did it-I like adding chickpeas to boost the protein without having to cook any meat.  It was yummy!  Although, what isn’t good when it’s full of tomato and basil?

Costco time!  We’re getting Costco brand vitamin water-the fiance lives on it. What’s always on your Costco list?  We get the vitarain, vitamins, and samples 🙂


3 responses to “Sunday Afternoon

  1. April (Foods of April)

    I have to disagree with you on the baby.. I’m a baby lover! Which is probably a good thing since I’m planning on going into pediatrics!

    Costco is amazing! We always get salmon, greens, dates, peaches, Fage, frozen veggies and fruits, and frozen chicken breasts there!

  2. I’m not a baby-lover either! The though to fme having a baby is a total nightmare…please no! Not me!

    For Costco, I ALWAYS get the almonds, the frozen broccoli, tons of eggs, the ciabatta and flatbread, whatever seasonal fruits, the Andouille chicken sausage, and oatmeal!

  3. That baby looks like it belongs on the Sopranos.
    I put half a lime (rind and all) in the garbage disposal and grind it up – that usually works.

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