A Morning Hike…


We managed to get our (slightly less than stellar) selves to the gym this morning.  Our gym is a little under two miles from the house, and we made it into a walk.  The gym is in a park, and around the park there’s greenspace-basically a forest-y area.   We wandered through a little on out way there.  I picked a blackberry with a spider on it!  After we worked out for a little bit we did a real hike through the greenspace on our way home.

0822091117-00It’s pretty!  Perfect weather for it too!

Lunch was quick and easy.  My leftover pizza

DSCN2528And a salad

DSCN2531Lettuce, chickpeas (they’re hiding, but they’re there), tomatoes from the garden, onions, olives, avocado.

Then I took a nap, which was of course fantastic.  And now I’m fully made up, in curlers and a bathrobe.  Sexy.  We’ve gotta head out for the dinner soon.  I’m going to guess there won’t be pictures-I think that might be weird.

Do you openly take pictures of your food when you’re out?


2 responses to “A Morning Hike…

  1. April (Foods of April)

    I’m not embarassed to take pictures if I’m with my family but when I’m out with friends it is a little awkward trying to explain!

  2. When I am with my husband I am not, but with friends I would have to say that I am a little embarrassed. . . they don’t understand the blog world

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