The view from my mouth…

Oh man I was productive today!

I crossed off my ENTIRE to do list!

And I found these beauties in my garden


And I had this deliciousness for lunch:  (the view from my mouth 🙂 )


Here’s what it was:  flat out wrap, black beans, taco seasoned beef, onion, tomatoes, olives, avacado, and a little bit of cheese:


With some sour cream (mmmm I love sour cream) and a side of grapes.  So tasty!  I left the tomatoes in fairly big pieces, which meant extra tomato-y goodness whenever they were in a bite.  There wasn’t a lot of cheese, because that’s all that was shredded, and I wasn’t motivated enough to do anymore!

I went out berry picking and got TEN cups of berries.  Check out these bushes!


And the thorn scratch on my foot…  don’t wander through thorny bushes in flip flops!

DSCN2499On the way to get the fiance, I stopped at Trader Joe’s.   I’m amused at my purchases:


Basil, wine, cheese, garlic, greek yogurt.  It’s about all you need to live, right?

Check out Tina’s cookie Friday post! So many good eats, I love it!

We’re grilling pizza tonight.  What’s your favorite thing to grill?


2 responses to “The view from my mouth…

  1. haha, I was looking for basil in TJ’s but couldn’t find it…did stock up on a WHOLE lot of greek yogurt, though! 😀
    Fav thing to grill: fruits!

    • this was the ONLY one there! i found a couple signs for basil with no basil in sight, and then this one hiding by the watermelon…

      i want to grill some fruit! the fiance doesn’t like warm fruit (i don’t get it….)
      he also doesn’t like greek yogurt, but that means i don’t have to share 🙂

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