Lunch was pretty quick and easy, because I never did eat a real breakfast, just the apple and coffee, so by about 11 I was starving


Flat Out (They were on sale + coupon = cheap as free, so I got some today) with tuna, lettuce, pickle, tomato, and onion.  Carrot and humus on the side.

I’ve had a headache all day 😦 I took excedrine, advil, and finally after lunch my secret weapon


(One spoonful of ice cream.  No more, no less.  Headache meds start to bug my tummy, and this helps)

Then a nap.  Somewhere in that combo something worked.

After my nap I made some muffins.  I love this recipe, which I’ve been using and tweaking for about a year now.  The base recipe was oats with whole wheat and white flour.  I’ve found I can put just about any sort of flour in and it works.  Basically all you do is mix up the dry stuff


I used oats, whole wheat pastry flour, spelt flour, and flax.  Plus baking powder and soda, tiny bit of salt, and brown sugar.

You mix the wet stuff in another bowl


Eggs, milk, yogurt

Mix them together


Into muffin tins


And 15 minutes later you’ve got these!




If you’re curious, one of these muffins (and they’re nice big muffins as you can see), clocks in at 170 Calories, 3.9 g fat, 6.25 g protein, and 4.2 g of fiber (when made with whole milk yogurt and 1% milk.  It’ll vary depending on what you use).  I sometimes make smaller muffins and get 18, and then your calories are more along 110, with 2.6 g of fat, 4.2 g protein, and 2.8 g fiber.    The original recipe had oil.  Using oil instead of yogurt bumps the calories over 200, and the fat up to 8 g in a muffin.  And it tastes just as good with the yogurt.

I’m going to hide them and feed them to the fiance for breakfast tomorrow.  But I might be sampling one first.  You know, just for quality control.

What’s your favorite afternoon snack?


3 responses to “Muffins!

  1. April (Foods of April)

    Wow your a professional! I’m too lazy to seperate the wet and dry ingredients!

  2. I love your pictures! Just stumbled on your blog, but I will be back!

  3. great looking muffins 🙂

    I’m always too lazy to do the wet + dry 🙂

    my favorite afternoon snack is veggies/dip or yogurt/fruit

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