House Hunting

After I got the fiance from work lat night we went to look at houses.  We’ve been kinda looking at houses for a few months, but haven’t found a ton we love.   Then I saw this on the RMLS

It’s adorable, in SW which is what we want, in our price range, with 2 bedrooms and 1300ish square feet.

We might have went two nights ago and stared in the windows.  Don’t worry, it’s not occupied, so it was only a little sketchy.

It’s a short sale though, which is lameeee.

Super cute inside, but kinda weird because it turns out that only one of the bedrooms is really a bedroom?  Who knows.  But it’s cute!  I’d be happy there, but the mortgage is in the fiance’s name, so I’m deferring judgement like a good wifey 🙂

And then we made dinner:  peanut noodles, made with whole wheat spaghetti.


Leftover turkey, steamed green beans, carrots, broccoli, pasta, mixed with peanut butter, a little oil, garlic, peppers, and probably some other seasonings I’m forgetting.  I love this meal because everything except the meat is stuff you have on hand (I always have at least some sort of veggies, peanut butter, and noodles in the house), and I can fill it full of way more vegetables than I’d get ordering peanut noodles somewhere.  It’s super easy (especially if you’ve got leftover meat), and so yummy!  Win win!

Fail alert:  somehow, when getting my toothbrush last night, I managed to do this

DSCN2445Seriously, no clue how I did that.  I picked up my toothbrush, and somehow it flew out of my hand, into the toilet.  Fail.

Good news is, I always have extra toothbrushes (I buy them when they’re on sale!  Which means I have a stash of about a dozen), so I could still brush my teeth.  But seriously, seriously, how did I do that?

Now I’m chomping on this

DSCN2446Because I am not feeling super hungry yet, but I know my tummy needs food.  Oh, and in the spirit of the last post-that bookcase isn’t from IKEA, but the coats you can see to the left are hanging on an IKEA coat rack.


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